Saturday, May 07, 2011

Taking A Stand

I voted.

For the first time in 33 years, after bearing arms for the nation, kopi tiam discussions, rants, raves and opinions, bitching and not-an-insignificant amount of apathy, I was up at 8am, and I voted.

It was a simple 3 minute process, and it seems almost... anti-climatic honestly. Nevertheless, the sense of me doing something for myself, and deciding my own fate stayed with me even after I dropped the white slip of paper into the box.

A milestone in nation building? Definitely. It feels like we, as a nation has come to a crossroad. Stay safe, or venture out into the unknown? Now we can truly say, we decide.

We, the citizens of Singapore
Pledge ourselves to be ONE UNITED PEOPLE
REGARDLESS of race, language or religion. 
To build a DEMOCRATIC society.
Based on JUSTICE, and EQUALITY, 
So as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress