Sunday, June 18, 2006

World Cup

Here's my latest thought.

I don't watch soccer. Period.

Love the World Cup though. All the boys with their eyes glued on the screens. All those lonely women... 'Nuff Said.

Now, a friend question MY manhood, because I don't watch soccer. Whoaa... don't even go there babe. I have more testosterone in me little finger that you have in your entire farking body.

But in reply to that, I ask the question. Eh... Real man chase skirts.. Gay men, chase balls. You have 22 men, chasing ONE ball. Just cos it's scarcity don't change the fact they are chasing farking balls right?

And the voyeurs that watch 22 men going after the BALL, well, I'm sure there's an unresolved streak somewhere.

Of course, you can deny it. Consider one of the greatest soccer player currently. David Beckham (And I quote Ali G.) Just because he shaves his head, wears a skirt (a sarong), and hangs out with Elton John don't make him gay, right? RIGHT?

But I am not ungrateful. Go forth, all you soccer-mad fools. I'm gonna have the kind of harvest that happens once every 4 years.

Thank you, Lord.


Birkenstocker said...

Totally agree!

DirtyDancer said...

now, THAT'S a real man.

Moissanite said...

Bro.. I know u are insisting.. but there are some really cute ball fans around you know?

And btw. I did start a blogger too here. - Lyd

The Horny Bitch said...

Yeah.. Man are scarce during this period. Many horny woman going after horny man..

Vandalin said...

HB - Look no further, HB. Look no further.

Moisannite - Must be my good influence, sis! ;) As for the rest of really cute ones that DO watch soccer, hey. I'm more than happy to share their joy, and comfort them when they're down... ;)

DD - You know it!

Birken - Thanks!

Kismet said...

Man I thought this was written during the LAST world cup. Women have updated too you know. Gone are the days where self help love books can keep claiming that all women can do is silk and try to seduce their men who are seduced by the square box. There are a lot of women who watch and in fact know the matches as well as the men. Maybe should change strategy bro :P

Vandalin said...

Kismet - Can't hope to get them all now, can I? ;) Gotta leave some for the rest of 'em.

san said...


Bro, I'm sure u belong to the minority of the guy population. Even those whom I don't expect to watch footie have been coming up to me for tips, as if I'm some bookie or wat.