Monday, October 31, 2005

More On Packaging

It's strange, this man and woman game. I FINALLY watched Hitch over the weekend. I thought it was so good, that I wanted to watch it again.


Simple, cos it validates my previous thoughts on the subject.

There are absolutely great guys out there, and there are more than enough eligible males in Singapore. But bloody hell, we men SOO need "packaging".

So the next time women complain about men being shallow, shoot right back at them. The kind of packaging might be different, but if women still are taken in by packaging. Nice clothes, nice car, nice teeth, nice nails... We might as well be horses on display. Wanna see my bright bushy mane?

That being said, I wonder, what is it that makes a guy turn into a wuss the second he talks to a beautiful woman? Why is it that the man's mind blank out, the legs turn to jelly, and the heart jumps through the mouth?

Even I get that occasionally. Personally I'm not sure. I'm still finding out. Once I figure out that magic formula I'll post it, so all my brothers benefit.

In the mean time, gals, cut the men some slack. We're nice decent fellows. That's why we lack the polish. We wear our hearts on our sleeves and when we do show it, don't step on it. Reckon the only way we're gonna get polish is gonna be going out there and practicing... But that'll make us players. Even romance novel heroes are the "bad guys" of a thousand conquests.

Well... with christmas round the corner, maybe it's time for some gift-wrapping eh?;)


Birkenstocker said...

the truth is not many Singaporean women r so into packaging like u think. In fact, we get turn off by men who try too hard. Thinking they are some kinda cassanova, think they are suave, then try to pick u up with some cheesy lines. These are the worst lot. Top my list of men to avoid.
Just be sincere, humble n confident, inject a little bit of wit n humour if u have any. And dun expect us gals to be your slave/maid. That's Spore men general complain abt women here. Men's expectation of us ;
independent yet submissive,
hold a decent job to contribute to household,
can cook, perform house chores,
love sex,
pretty slim n attractive
love kids,
smart n faithful,
love yr family n friends.

I think this type of gals are good enuff to ask for any men they desire. OF course with such calibre, they think u are not good enuff for them. How to be totally agreeable n submissive when we have a challenging job, pay package no less than u. We are smart, clever have a mind of our own.
Actually we jus want someone decent, dependable, can save, faithful, honest, not cocky, dun have to be rich n handsome. Spore men generally arent. Packaging is a small thing that can be fine tuned later on. It's low priority to us.

IF u really want someone submissive n agreeable all the time, go find one in vietnam or pet shop.

Likewise, think abt the kinda expectations men have on us women...

Anonymous said...

"IF u really want someone submissive n agreeable all the time, go find one in vietnam or pet shop."...ho!ho!ho! Yeah right, sounds like you know Vietnamese women well then! :D

Vandalin said...

Don't know much about Vietnamese frankly.

All information from a friend of mine stationed in HCM City, and from the papers that report that many Singaporean men are headed to Vietname for their brides.