Monday, October 30, 2006

Illustrating Sound Waves

Would have loved my physics teacher to illustrate sound waves this way. Nothing like fire to catch a boy's attention.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Look Into My Eyes

When was the last time you looked into someone's eyes?

I mean REALLY looked. Not just a glance, or around the face, but deep into the person's eyes.

Over the last couple of weekends, I am reminded that there is POWER in catching and holding someone's gaze, and the things this one simple act conveyed was tons more than whatever you are attempting to say. So why's nobody doing it?

I reckon, being all new agey, and philosophical, is cos the eyes are the windows to the person's soul. In taking a peep into the other person's inner self, you also offer up a piece of yourself for scrutiny.

There is an intimacy there, that goes beyond just words and normal action. In fact, an intimacy and openness that most folks will probably think that this guy must be really confident to catch my eye and not look away.

That's the metaphysical bit. Most of the time, people just brush it off by saying it's rude to stare and that they're kinda shy about it.

Still, because so many people are NOT doing it or can't bring themselves to do it, it makes someone who can pull it off without looking dodgy different, and maybe a little intriguing. Really useful too, especially in a club with loud music blasting like crazy, and the people on the dance floor's probably not really interested in discussing philosophy and doing 20 questions.

After all, body language is 70% of communication right?

So, excuse me, while I go right now, to grab some lunch, and stare some people in the eye.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ramblings IV - On Fun and Growth

The last of the ramblings series, at least for now.

Why have we stopped growing?

Why is it that somewhere along the line of growing up, we actually start to fear change and run away from it, instead of embracing change?

Remember when we were younger, we actually craved growth?

Pain is not a factor, and we were not afraid of trying and and trying and trying until we succeed. In fact, the challenge of being frustrated many times before succeeding adds to the desirability of our goals, and whatever was challenging, was somehow, fun.

The euphoria of grasshopper- catching (the bigger and harder the grasshopper, the better. Remember the ones we call the tiger grasshoppers and the locusts?), the sheer joy of outrunning your friends in catching, the pleasure of strange creations made with lego bricks....

Yet right now, a lot of us fear change. It is almost as if we have lost that sense of fun that comes with growth and change, and we end up being complacent. We spend more and more energy ensuring things do NOT change rather than adapting to the changes themselves. We SETTLE down.

We start to value stability and status quo, and when things start to be different from what it is now, we start getting uncomfortable. We do so, to the extent, that only with great amounts of PAIN do we start changing, and every time it

Why is that?

When did change become tedious and scary instead of entertaining and desired?

More importantly, is there a way by which we can get back that sense of fun that comes with change, and is it possible for us to actually enjoy growth?

A conversation with a dear friend came up with this thought. What does it mean to grow old, really? Does it mean that we become more jaded, more tired and more rigid?

Or does growing old mean to be wiser, more accepting of both yourself and the people and world around you, AND have more enthusiasm than ever, simply you have sampled the wealth that life has to offer, and there's so much more to go?

Since change is the only constant in the world, might as well learn to enjoy the ride. After all, what's life without surprises and a generous helping of challenges? Some of it may not be fun, but hey, at least it's not boring.

Personal note: More physically damaging acts of senseless stupidity are done when a person is bored than at any other time under any other circumstance.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Best Things in Life

from Linda Chia's Blog...

You ask, what can you do? Well... here's a thought.

Changing the world, one hug at a time.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Perfect World

This thought persistently dominated my waking and sober moments for the past week.

If I could change the world, what would my perfect world be like?

There will scenes of wonder and great beauty. Because it renews the human soul, and we need wonder in our lives.

There will be places of peace, solitude and rest. Because we all need to be alone with our thoughts, and put our burdens aside, if only for a moment.

There will be music. Because that is the language of the soul.

Emotions would be as important as logic, and both can find expression in the world.

There will be understanding, and empathy. And nobody attempts to force their opinion onto others.

Each person is reponsible for themselves and their own actions, and they actually understand that.

There will be occasions of challenge and pain, and trial. Because without these, the human spirit stagnates and dies. And because hope, love and faith grows best, when seeded in these.

Opportunity will abound for those who look hard enough, and those opportunities will blossom, for those who dare to take them, and have the heart to follow through.

There will be much more bad times than good. Only then will we learn to appreciate the good and while learning and growing because of the bad. Actually, they're all good, just a question of definition isn't it?

Nobody can tell the future, and everyone will just have to live each day that way. Because if we do know everything that'll happen, we just get bored, and boredem is paramount to death.

There will also be a WAYYY more sex, and whiskey, and contraceptives will be just a question of mutual agreement, rather than foil wrapped rubber.

Hmm... come to think of it, there really isn't very much I will change about the world as it is right now is there?

Perhaps it's the people, and not the circumstances in the world that makes the world perfect.

And maybe, just maybe, the perfect world is just a thought away. With the exception of the whiskey and the sex of course... heh.

Dolphins are the only other creatures in the world that fuck for fun.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Latent Superpower Test

Link: The Latent Super Power Test
Size Control
You're powers are 77% Mental, 83% Emotional, and 86% Physical!
You can control the size of yourself and have limited control on other things? You can shrink down to teh size of an ant and infiltrate almost anywhere, or grow as large as a building and wrestle with giant monsters. It's not an easy power to have, but there's a lot you can do with it. You can compliment just about any team, being both the tank and the infiltrator; just not at the same time.

If you want someone more submissive, try any of these for sidekicks: Elasticity, your own sense of spatial distortion will help them understand their powers. Invulnerability, your abilities will help them understand when it's simply not about shrugging off attacks.

If you want someone your equal, try any of these for partners: Laser Eyes, you'd be a team of precise abilities, both offensively and utility. Time Control, seriously, what's better than control over time and space?

If you want someone more dominant, try any of these for mentors: Elemental Control, their control over existing matter will help you know how to manipulate the same matter to maximum effect. Gravity Control, their control over weight will help you understand how your control of mass might work best.

Avoid Illusions, their alteration of the perception of reality only contests your alteration of reality itself.

Now I wonder if I can do individual body parts... ;)

The Nice Guy Paradox

I was in conversation with a good male friend as he sent me back today and I came upon the crux of the nice guy paradox.

Being the nice guy straight from the start, ESPECIALLY going out of your way to BE nice, imposes an UNSAID, IMPLICIT obligation on the gal to be nice back in return.

And ladies, correct me if I'm wrong, but last I checked, NOBODY likes getting an obligation shoved into their faces, especially if you don't feel like returning it, or have no attraction to the guy right?

Strange, flies at everything that has been told to us by our mothers, and our female friends. But makes a lot of things fall into place, doesn't it?

And quite frankly, as much as attention and actions ARE flattering when taken in small doses, but if there is no "chemistry" or attraction, all this nice guy thing is just plain irritating to the receipient, right?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ramblings III - On Attraction and Love

Or, Why do I not feel for the one that is good for me?

Strange, but true isn't it? When it comes to relationships, we humans have this absolutely amazing ability to find the ONE person amongst so many, that is completely BAD for us, and then ignoring all else, fall for him or her.

Over the last few months, I have done a fair amount of studying on the subject of attraction.

Here are some of the things that I have realized.

1. Attraction is a gut-level thing. There is NO logic. There will be no explanations and no reasoning out. The brain will get short-circuited and all impulses will be routed directly to the rest of the body.

2. Attraction and love are completely different things. But since attraction is an emotional response in most of us, that makes it as real as any logic, but about 147 times more exciting.

3. Men and women have different attraction triggers. It's obvious what men are attracted to. And women, 9 in 10 women won't tell you what they are attracted to. The remaining 10%probably don't know what their buttons are.

4. I have come to realized that since women are often not physically attracted, much of their attraction lies in the emotion. It is thus impossible to be attractive without creating some kind of emotional response. As such, I'm reviewing my policy of going as far as possible without emotions.

I reckon, attraction, is mostly a cocktail of helpless anticipation, heart-thumping desire, inane curiosity, laced with a generous helping of lust, and garnished with a big-ass dollop of mindfuck.

Then what's this crazy lil thing called love then?

Frankly if ya ask me, I can't put it down in words. We describe love the way it affects us, or by the things that we'll do for the people or things we love. But what is it that makes one person commit the rest of his life on earth to another?

Still, when you do see it, you know it. It's one of those things where pinning it down with words just makes it smaller, and kinda like the blind men with the elephant.

I'll tell you what it is NOT.

1. With love, it won't be happily ever after. It will not mean an end to the shit that happens in your life, or with each other. It just means that you're willing to put up with shit and shovel. Together.

2. Love is almost NEVER about the attributes. The question, "Why you love me ah?" is completely redundant. I mean, seriously, you can tell someone what things you like or don't like about him or her. But if there was someone else RIGHT NOW, with exactly the same attributes, standing in front of you, you reckon you'll change the target of your affections?

3. Leopards don't change their spots. You reckon just cos the person is in a relationship, he'll change? Nope. Not. On. Your. Frigging. Life. Nope... maybe, just MAYBE some minor bad habits might change, but that would be tantamount to a minor miracle. Don't count on it.

As my darling sis once said, it's about accepting that person for who he is, then growing together. Oh, and commitment, cos that's gonna take ya through the tough times. But the reason FOR that commitment, is well... love.

All in all, I reckon for any relationship to really work out, there's gotta be a huge amount of love. A big ass dollop of attraction would really help too.

Out tro *A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down... *

Interlude 2 - Stroke my Ego Baby

Ladies and gents...

I have been plugged and I am now discussed in Hollywood.

About time the rest of the world caught up with me. Heh.

Now, where are my movie offers and book deals?

It is only right that the world recognizes my genius. Better late than never. HAH!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ramblings Part II - On the Balance of Logic and Emotions

There is a rather prevalent belief out there, that emotions are bad, and logic is good.

Here's what I think.


Emotions at the end of the day, tell you what is really important to you. Decisions are mostly made according to what is important to us. Why are these things important? They just are.

Someone I really respected said that the beginning of love and hate is the end of logic. True. There is no good reason why we love something, or someone, and not another. Why we are attracted to someone, or something.

Emotions, and feelings in essence, give us DIRECTION, priorities, and meaning.

Logic is a wonderful thing. The way that human logic works, is to justify the things that you have already decided on.

The world as we see it is a reflection of what we "know" to be true. Points of reference that we believe to be "a sure thing". Logic just finds a way to connect those points into a picture, so that at the end of the day, we can comfort ourselves and go, "See? It all makes sense now. It's so LOGICAL I don't understand why you just don't see it."

All in all, there's got to be a balance, as with most things in life.

Where is that fine line where you draw? I don't know. You have to decide yourself. Me? According to an in-depth character analysis, I am 51% feeling, 49% logic. A balance you say?

Possibly. That just means, that instead of having at least one half of the world agree with me, I manage to piss off both halves.

Brilliant I say, abso-fucking-lutely brilliant. Won't have it any other way. Heh

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Interlude - 3 Questions

Oh how women lament that all the good men are either taken, gay or dead.

I now ask 3 simple questions. Here ladies, try it yourself, and see why it is that I take a lot of what you actually say out of your mouth with a pinch of salt, and try to figure out what you're REALLY trying to communicate.

Question 1 - What are the 3 MOST IMPORTANT things that you're looking for in a man?

Write it down so you won't cheat.

Question 2 - What are the 3 things you find the MOST ATTRACTIVE in a man?

Write that down too.

Question 3 - Why are these 2 damn lists different ah?

And you ask why you can't find the man you want.