Monday, October 24, 2005

Thoughts from "The Game"

For men who have not read "The Game", READ IT.

Women in Singapore have been bitching about men in Singapore in Singapore being boring, crappy, non-gentlemanly, etc etc. I have come to the conclusion that it is NOT because we suck or we do not have anything to offer. In fact, I believe that Singaporean men, in general have a LOT to offer.

We are nice people, generally. Stable (if that's a good thing), pretty decent income, do NOT have the wandering eye (generally) and well, generally pretty decent husband material.

One thing we lack however, that makes us Singaporean males (chinese especially) lose out is our serious lack of POLISH. What do I mean?

Well, we're generally not good with words. We're not smooth, we don't ooze sexuality and sweep women off their feet with just a word or two. When it comes to dates, we aren't all that creative, and in general, when we fall for one gal, the tendancy is to do a veritable imitation of the puppy dog, and follow her around like a well broken in canine.

What we lack, gentlemen, is MARKETING.

And it is time we addressed this.

I have had enough of women whining. And truth be told, we men have a TON of things to offer any potential mate. Now all we have to do is to FLAUNT it. Seriously. Asian modesty be damned. The humbleness of the East, is in large part overwhelmed by the brash loudness of the West. And since this is what women want, this is what women GET.

Not the first time we adapted, this won't be the last either.

I'm not talking about loud 60's shirts, or cussing in Hokkien at the top of your voices. Nope, but the idea is there. There will be occasional woman that can see past the harmless exterior to see the quality inside, but let's not count on it. Time to bring the quality to the surface men.

Where to start? Get a couple of good shirts. Get nice shoes and a good haircut. Work out a little, and most importantly, LEARN communication. Verbal, non-verbal, as well as body language. Let everything about you show exactly the kind of person you are. A catch worthy of even that special woman (or women) in your life. Time to treat them as equals.

No more letting women step all over us, and letting them define our worth. We fucking ROCK and we're not afraid to show it.

Cut loose brothers, we're going out and we're kicking ass. Peace out.


SoupLad said...

hi there.. u are a fan of oxymoronic phrases huh?

Vandalin said...

Much of life, my friend is oxymoronic, and a balance of two seeming opposites