Monday, January 16, 2012

Being Christian

Folks that know me now often find it hard to believe I'm Christian. A good number think it hard to believe I actually have a heart. Or a brain. But we'll leave those discussions for another day.

Right now, it's just certain realizations about my ideas on Christianity that I had over the years. It might be sacrilegious to some. But fuck it. These are my views and I'm sticking by them.

1. There are only two commandments in the New Testament. Three if you count the Great Commission. To love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul, and to love your neighbour as yourself. Everything else is just good advice.

2. It's a personal relationship between God and me. It's not your business, really. If you tell me I shouldn't be doing this or should be doing that, I ask, "Your opinion or God's?" We can agree to disagree on a lot of things. It's not personal. I am not going to go bitch to God and go, "Don't let him into Heaven just cos he's doing this and that". I'd appreciate you to do the same. Even if you do, I'm going to smile politely, nod, and let you finish then I'll tell you I don't answer to you.

3.  God is not your personal bitch. You can ask for a lot of things. But in the end, the masochistic, hard headed streak in all of us means that a lot of lessons need to be hammered in. And depending on the thickness of our skulls, the size of the hammer varies. We learn our best lessons when they are delivered through the pain in our lives.

4.  That said, there are infinite blessings out there for you if only you are willing to believe that God is more than happy to give you everything you want, including contentment and happiness. But also understand with great blessings come great responsibility. Learn to be thankful.

5. "I'm a Christian, Unless You're Gay"  echoes something that I've been telling my friends for years now. One time, there was a sermon I heard in church. It's about love. And how love is not romantic like the kinds you find in romance novels. It's dirty, grimy, stinky. It gets you hurt. It takes a ton of work. It is frustrating and painful. It's not pretty or glamorous. That's what real love is like. And anybody who's been a caregiver, parent or a friend in need knows this. Jesus was among the outcast, the lepers, the crippled, the worn out and the ones that sinned. If you don't use that as your example, then exactly who ARE you using?

6. No I can't make sense of speaking in tongue. But I'm not gonna diss you if you do. If you ask me, we'll engage in a discussion. You worship your own way. I do it mine. Whatever is acceptable, it's not either of our call, is it? God saw fit to only judge at the end of days. What gives you the right to do otherwise?

7. Being a Christian is simple, not easy. Kinda like lifting a car engine. Let's not complicate matters and make it more difficult than it already is, yeah?

8. No, it does not answer all the questions in the world. At least for me, just the important ones. The rest are just "fiddly bits". If we differ on faith, that's your decision. We can have a discussion on differences. But in the end, I realize that I'm never gonna convince you to convert, neither are you going to do that to me.

9. The Great Commission is to spread the word. Not ram it down people's throats. Conversion is not your job. Don't make it yours.

10. I believe in Creation, even if I am still trying to figure out the timeline. Yes, evolution is ALSO based on faith.

There... here are my 10 realizations through the years. In the words of Craig Ferguson, "I look forward to your emails."