Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Story of Love - with English Translation!

An old song I found in the hard disk I RIPPED out of my old PC.

Huang Shu Jun's 恋爱症候群. Funny how the old songs are so meaningful. This one talks about the different stages of love, from getting together, to breaking up. Funny, nostalgic, a little ironic and all in all, rather sweet.

I'll try to do justice to the words by translating when I have the time. For the rest of ya who can read chinese, the lyrics are here. READ.

Ok, here's what the Song says...

The Epidemic of Love - Huang Shu Jun

(Spoken Introduction)

Many experts tell me, to discuss love rationally.

Many experts tell me, to use a rational mindset to conduct love affairs (by Zephyr)
I often think, that these experts, have probably never fallen in love.
Don't believe, try it, how can you be rational when you're in love?
I think, it's probably false.

(Song Proper)

Regarding the cause of the Epidemic of Live, it is still a mystery to this date
Regardless of gender, age, job, weight, qualifications, looks or blood type,
Nobody can be immunized against it.
Some experts and scholars believe, that love is the result of an imbalance in body humours,
and others believe that it's like a virus,
Like the Flu, there's no effective medicine but it'll be cured by itself.
Whether you agree or not, all through history, till to date, there are many examples to prove,
That love is not only a sickness, it might even be something of a fetish(perversion).

(whew, this translation business is not easy)

Usually when one is hit by the sickness, the initial stages include a change in lifestyle.
One bathes extra clean, brushes his teeth extra hard,
and suddenly wakes up to play the piano at midnight.
Some people would stand at the balcony and grin silly at passer-bys
Some will suddenly be manic, suddenly be very calm
Some get a spastic expression, and look at the mirror biting their nails and sneeze
Some start cursing little dogs.
Gals suddenly change their hairstyle, guys start pressing dumbbells every day,
Appetite constantly fluctuates, muscle spasms, hypersensitivity,
trembling and craps all happen during this time.

(breathe Edmund... one more verse and 2 choruses to go. Yes, the song writers of that time have a LOT to say)

As the symtomns start getting worse,
people start becoming extremely sensitive, brave and even disgusting
writing, speaking, singing with as much flair as the geniuses and poets,
the more lovey-dovey the better.
Some people, after love, hide in the toilet and cry everyday,
some organize a press conference and announce their love,
and some like to hide in dark places in a couple,
like they have done something unspeakable.
Every day looking for fortune tellers, start thinking of ways to change themselves to fit the other's habits,
Treating every day as an anniversary, and themselves as the present.
Sticking by each other every day for no particular reason,
it's interesting even when they're not talking.
Walking, sitting, lying face up or down, they're never out of each other's sight,
just like they're in a 3 legged race, or siamese twins.

(Chorus - The First)

All I'm thinking about is to love you, love you, love you.
I don't care if there's rice in the rice-bin at home.
I don't care if there are people protesting or rioting in the streets,
I only care about loving you.
All I'm thinking about is to love you, love you, love you,
I don't care about the unification of Taiwan and China,
don't care about the number of refuges in Ethiopia
I just care about loving you.

(Puff, third verse...)

After a tummultuous period, soon, one starts to recover.
The two people start to get bored with each other, start to attack each other's weaknesses,
All the sweetness is gone with the wind.
And then it's waking up from misunderstandings and hallucinations,
and being surprised at oneself how silly he can be.
Ditching everything because of love, not caring about family, friends, brothers and sisters,
and feeling remorseful about it.
And then after that is tiredness, frustration, sighing, heartworn, headaches, teethaches and nightmares,
And THEN it's mental instability, nostrils flaring, short tempers , numb limbs
Finally can't take it anymore, and break up.


And although the ending may be rather sad,
After you understand it, there's nothing really fantastic about it.
Love eventually is like a cloud, uncatchable,
And I just want to tell you...
In the times when I'm alone, your gentleness unravels my lonliness.
Brings me deep, mad joy, and touches my heart.

(Final Chorus - Yes, they don't scrimp and JUST repeat. They write a whole new one)

And I gently whisper, I love you, love you, love you,
No matter whether it's dusk or dawn,
No matter whether it's in dreams or awake, I love you deeply. (X2)

How fortunate I am, to have met you...

There... DONE. Translation definitely takes the lyrical nature of the song away. But hey, if you manage to read through this entire translation, you might have an idea why I like this song so much.


(T) (H) (B) said...

Songs are nothing when there're only words..

Feelings brudder, songs muz give u feelings... The ability to make u sad and cry..

That's wat I call songs.. :p

Vandalin said...

Do you really have to cry after listening to a song?

If you wanna listen to this one, tell me, I'll send the MP3 to ya, but only if you promise not to tell the cops.

Vandalin said...

This song is ancient dude ...
It juz merely reflects ur age ...

and for the reason on u liking the song... dun tink it applies to wht ur view for love anymore. =p
Sonya | 02.10.06 - 3:39 am | #

Vandalin said...

sorry sonya... this @#$@^ haloscan thing isn't working... i'm taking it off till i figure it out... unless you're kind enough to help me???

At the end of the day, I'm still a romantic...

Anonymous said...

Where can i find the mp3 of this song Huang Shu Jun's Lian Ai Zhen Hou Qun

Vandalin said...

Tell me where to send the link to, and I'll consider skirting the Singaporean piracy laws and let you know.

Anonymous said...

Perrrfect! I have this song, and FINALLY I understand it! ;P Many THANKS for the WONDERFUL job in translating it!

For the 1st line, spoken intro..
would it be better translated as:
"many experts tell me, to use a rational mindset to conduct love affairs"?? 'cos "discussing love" seems a bit strange. juz my 2 cents' worth.

Vandalin said...

Zephyr, thank YOU for making the translation better.

Anonymous said...

good job translating... its really a nice song.. i luv it ... for more than 15 yrs already...

Vandalin said...

why thank you. :) I have a feeling even my kids will still be listening to this song.

Anonymous said...

this song is beautiful
i am young but i understand it so well. and the way he say it, he couldnt have said it any better. my chinese isnt that good so thank you very much for translating!!!

marion said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.