Friday, October 21, 2005

My take on casual sex

Let me just say this once and for all for posterity.

I am all FOR casual sex, and pre marital sex, and I'm ALL for flirting and having fun.

Put down those freaking rocks! You'll hurt somebody. And off those damn torches. Let me finish my piece DAMMIT!

Now that everybody's settled down, let me quantify that statement.

I'm all for Casual sex, IF and ONLY IF these conditions are satisfied.
1. No romantic involvement, and both (or more) parties are clear on that. Sure, friends making out, and shagging. Fuck Buddies? Best thing in the world. The lines however are CLEARLY drawn.

2. I am attracted to the lady. Attracted physically and mentally. A friend of mine said something really relavant, and I steal it. "I'll only sleep with the gal IF I am attracted to her when I see her, AND I'm still attracted to her when she opens her mouth." Succint.

3. Both parties (again, or more. Hey, Swinging? Sure!) understand that this is fantastic, gratuitous sex and do not expect anything more. Similar to one, but subtly different.

4. Everyone involved (no more brackets.... wait. Damn) are alright with deeply satisfying, extremely intimate physical relationships. Cos some people just aren't, before marriage.

I am HUGELY ANTI-anyone who uses emotions to get sex or any other kind of satisfaction, physical, material or otherwise. I personally feel that there's a special section of hell reserved for these people. The heart and emotions are sacred. And I'll personally ream anyone who does that, male OR female, a new a**hole with a very blunt screwdriver.

Let's draw the lines clearly and really enjoy ourselves.

As for flirting, well, it's verbal banter, a test of wit. An enormous amount of fun, when taken in the right context.

There, I said it. And if you're not happy, so be it. Your life, your opinions. I respect that. Now respect mine. We agree to disagree. Peace out.


Kismet said...

I agree bro and may I add, that I realise sometimes even if a woman were to tell a man that if he wants casual sex, be upfront about it, the guy wouldn't know how to handle it? I hate men who masquerade sex under love..LOW AND DESPICABLE. if men wants sex and the woman can handle the truth, just be upfront about it..cut the lovey bullshit that is unreal..if a woman wants part, then fine, if not then too bad but DON'T AIM FOR SEX UNDER LOVE..we live in modern times thank you haha

zlel said...

is there such thing as casual love?

Vandalin said...

NOPE, but there's such a thing as casual sex. IF one can seperate the two entities.

Vandalin said...

yup, we call that flirting...;)

zlel said...

yes, no doubt there is casual sex that is without love, but what i'm suggesting is that, maybe there is also romance without commitment?

zlel said...

ah... anybody for FB(FLIRT buddies)?

Anonymous said...

What happens though when the girl gets emotionally involved without knowing it... You two start out simple but then she develops like real respect for the guy? Major bummer. Ha I'm in it right now. Still fun though, I think I have 2 days left. Enjoy yourselves!
Bambi (ha but not really)

Vandalin said...

Same thing that happens when best friends start developing something ELSE for each other.

Find that answer for yourself, and you find the answer to this.

Enjoy your last 48 hours. Be safe. HEH!

Trin. said...

Ah yes, the professor speaks. I do remember you were quite the flirt/mental fuck expert when I first got to know you.. and I'm guessing you still are.
Do disagree with you on one little bit though... not only should there be physical & mental attraction, there has also got to be some emotional ones too - not the lovey-dovey sort of emotion, but just, well, 'emotional chemistry'? makes the sex even better, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

how about extra-marital casual sex ... ok with u?

Vandalin said...

Like a friend of mine says, "Not my problem." That being said, if you're hot and married, AND female. My email address is over there. Write me.


EDMUND, why are you my cousin?!
OHHMYYGOSHH. my sister just freaked =)
you`re a horrible example of an
older cousin, AHH
but intresting
cousin i must say...and you say
i can't stick to one guy?
look who`s talking ;)

Anonymous said...

You are a fool. I just don't know wh's the bigger fool you are the fools that agree with you.