Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The WFF Theory Part II - The Flip Side

Now as I have written earlier, unless one is truly a character from romance novels, ie. buff without spending stupid amounts of time in the gym, owns the neighbourhood money mill, and a perfect lover EVERY SINGLE TIME with absolutely NO practice (hey even I have to get educated, and I can always use more practice... more more!), one's dark side is bound to surface sooner or later.

Surprise surprise, we are all human. We have failings. That's what is so shite, and so wonderful about humans.

So, unless you're a master at hopscotch, you're gonna have to put BOTH feet into any relationship you're gonna have.

Enough diddling. So let's dive right in, sans foreplay.

Worst Foot Theory is NOT a exact opposite of the Best Foot Forward Theory.

No, friends. In essence, the spirit of it asks for 2 things. Management of Expectation, and Honesty.

Are the 2 related? Yes and no.

When I'm talking about management of expectation, I mean simply this. What is REALLY the level that you can sustain in the long run? Do not over promise, in your actions OR in your words.

In honesty, it simply means to present or communicate to the other person as true and as accurate a picture of yourself as you can.

I named it the WFF theory, because there's one point of time, I literally presented the WORST POSSIBLE SCENARIO to the gal I was interested in. It is completely against my grain. Voices in my mind were screaming out, WTF am I doing? Are you NUTS? That's it, you're gonna spend your life being single, lonely and branded a bastard for the rest of your life.

Was I leaning over backwards to prove a point? Maybe. I admit, it might even be excessive. But frankly, the point I'm trying to make is this.

Why wait till 6 months down the road to show exactly who you are? If the other party loves you, the other party takes you for WHO YOU ARE. Right now. All of you, good AND bad.

Yeah, I put myself out on a limb there, but then again, if the gal I like didn't like me for ALL of me, will we really be happy together for any long period of time? I don't think so.

As such, I remember telling my male buddies. I reserve my affection and my pampering for my girlfriend. If I'm truly interested in a gal, I owe myself, and I owe her to present myself as truly, and as honestly as I can.

Take me as I am. A flawed human being. I have strengths, and I have weaknesses. I am not strong all the time. I'm not smart most of the time, only brief flashes of inspiration. I'm not handsome, and I can't always think up of brilliant ideas. I dress shabbily, and my breath will stink at times.

Take the whole of me, or don't take me at all.

Just like walking, If one starts with the worst foot forward, the other foot is bound to catch up, yes?

And of course, in any case, women for some strange, masochistic reason absolutely LOVE bad boys. But more on that another time. It's late. I need to get my ass back to bed.

Need rest to party the whole damn weekend. HAH!


Lyd said...

This quotation touches me and I thought I share it with my dear brother:

"In the silence we listen to ourselves. Then we ask questions of ourselves. We describe ourselves to ourselves, and in the quietude we may even hear the voice of God."

Anonymous said...

Well, you WFF theory doesn't work well with women. Women likes to be treated nice even though they know that the treat won't last forever. That's the whole thing of feeling like a princess and special when falling in love or dating. Women likes magical/romantic moments(the only and short time they get when dating).
You do not even need your obvious "worst foot forward" theory to show your point(to let the gal accept the real you). Women know that the sides of guys that they can't stand will eveutally pop up as times goes by and they will have to deal with them. It is like, "But please, before that, just give us big favors of not showing them too soon so that we can at least have fun and enjoy dating our magical and dreamy princes!"

pinknesss said...

well edmund thats a nice theory and all.. in theory it sounds nice but as a girl who WAS YOUR GIRLFRIEND... bringing a girl out on your first date and telling her WE'RE GOIGN DUTCH YOU PAY FOR THIS! is a big big big turn off. yes be yourself but there such things called chivalry and if its dead in a guy its a big turn off. it slike tellinga girl i'll be ready at 6 and u the girl, come and pick me up.... GROSS

The Horny Bitch said...

Things and people might change. sigh.

Vandalin said...

Sis - Nice one. I'm reflecting on that and the apparently increasing need for myself to be alone nowadays.

Warm Stranger - Understand where you're coming from. Well, to each their own. :D

pinknesss - I KNEW my past is gonna come back and haunt me one day. Still, what's the difference between Chivalry, and wooing? Line is thin and wavy.

HB - maybe, if you see an example, let me know. There is a reason for the proliferation of bastards in the world you know...

Anonymous said...

Wow. Wish I was way more diligent in reading your past blog posts. It was all a lie after all. Tsk. :)

Thankfully I've only wasted 6 months on you. On to better things in life!