Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Interesting Times

Yesterday the trip to MoS was... Interesting.

Only reason why I headed down to MoS was simply cos my boy, T told me that the resident RnB DJ was sharing sets with Koflow. Not something an RnB enthusiast can miss.

Anyway, T and I ran right SMACK into 1 for 1. What's two thirsty dudes to do? 2 jugs of brandy dry, coming right up.

And then the first incident of the night. We put our jugs down and were enjoying the music, which incidentally was AWESOME. Next thing we knew, someone STOLE one of our jugs. Yes, I shit you not. There was someone sitting on the chair next to us, this guy with his mohawk hair gelled into spikes (no, I don't think you can miss anyone like this), and he disappeared along with our jug. That ASSHOLE. No I can't prove anything, but T was pissed, my fuse was burning but... well, I'll live.

Fast forward a couple of hours of bouncing, and calling Koflow the Pied Piper of Hamlin, cos every time I go for one of his gigs there's always a TON of kids. Either I'm old, or it was paedo heaven. And then, for the first time in 7 years of clubbing, yours truly, Mr Make Love, Not War got into a fight.

T met up with a couple of friends and we were dancing on the dance floor, when 2 obviously Pumped-Up Bengs started sqeezing their way next to us.

Now, it was a crowded dance floor. It's a normal thing to squeeze around. In fact, tunnelling around the mass of humans, kinda like an earthworm through the dirt is about the only way to get around. But I digress.

These 2 PUBs were pretty agressive in getting their space. Now that does not sit well with me, and so I turned my head, and addressed them as such,"Hey dude, not much space here on the dance floor, take it easy aight?" Now I can SENSE the mood change behind me even as I finished speaking. But innocently thinking that it'll fade after some time, I carried on my merry way.

For the next fifteen minutes or so, there was increased shoving from the before mentioned PUBs. When one finally jabbed an elbow into my rib, I turned around and "excuse me" to which the response was a hard shove, and one PUB letting loose a string of expletives and telling me rather strongly to go away.

And then, PUB 3 and PUB 4 decided to join in the fray. I stood my ground, and tried rationalizing. Ladies and gentlemen, case in point, when facing down PUBs and other enraged wildlife, the RATIONAL thing to do, is to find the nearest whip and chair. In my head, I was thinking, if I start pounding said PUBs, I might get barred from MoS. I do not like MoS all that much (in fract, I much prefer Zouk) but I hate getting my choices curtailed.

Now in the span of this musing, a hand shot out to grab me by the neck and tried doing the "movie-one-hand-lift". Now not a smart thing to do. Now folks, if you are ever in a brawl, NEVER Attempt doing something like that. It might look like a perfect pose to intimidate, BUT, 1. You're not Terminator. 2. Unless you do 50kg dumbbell curls, it can't be done. 3. If you're attempting to lift a nasty lil bastard like me, doing that puts me in perfect position to solve any further need for Durex but introducing your family jewels to my foot at 80 km/h, or instant rhinoplasty with my fist.

Again, the possible loss of access to shiny retro floor, pink security guards, and overpriced booze flashes across my head. As such, to the regret of mankind, I did none of those things. Oh, don't mistake me, I am SPOILING for a fight. I. HATE. BULLIES. I hate bullies even more when they come in an entire gang, and I have spent much of my time as a kid planning and plotting on how to take them down. On rare occasions, I have actually had the privilege of executing those plans.

So I only forcefully removed his fingers from my throat. T tried to intervene, wherein, one of the herd pulled his shirt and tore his bling off his neck. It was at that point in time, that the security came in (thanks Gabriel). We moved away and after some time to cool off, carried on dancing.

Good things that came out of this,
1. It gives me an opening to talk to otherwise untouchable security.
(I directed said security to the PUBs after a while, and let them get to work. I am going to MoS maybe Friday, and see if justice has prevailed.)

2. The adrenalin resulted in more energy to carry on dance.

3. Well... There's no 3.

T and I left MoS before the PUBs, grabbed a drink at the 7-11 before heading back. Hopefully his bling can be fixed. If not, I reckon I'll get him another one. On a side note, a perverse side of me looks forward to the day that I will meet those PUBs again. This time, in a place I don't MIND getting banned from.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Story of Love - with English Translation!

An old song I found in the hard disk I RIPPED out of my old PC.

Huang Shu Jun's 恋爱症候群. Funny how the old songs are so meaningful. This one talks about the different stages of love, from getting together, to breaking up. Funny, nostalgic, a little ironic and all in all, rather sweet.

I'll try to do justice to the words by translating when I have the time. For the rest of ya who can read chinese, the lyrics are here. READ.

Ok, here's what the Song says...

The Epidemic of Love - Huang Shu Jun

(Spoken Introduction)

Many experts tell me, to discuss love rationally.

Many experts tell me, to use a rational mindset to conduct love affairs (by Zephyr)
I often think, that these experts, have probably never fallen in love.
Don't believe, try it, how can you be rational when you're in love?
I think, it's probably false.

(Song Proper)

Regarding the cause of the Epidemic of Live, it is still a mystery to this date
Regardless of gender, age, job, weight, qualifications, looks or blood type,
Nobody can be immunized against it.
Some experts and scholars believe, that love is the result of an imbalance in body humours,
and others believe that it's like a virus,
Like the Flu, there's no effective medicine but it'll be cured by itself.
Whether you agree or not, all through history, till to date, there are many examples to prove,
That love is not only a sickness, it might even be something of a fetish(perversion).

(whew, this translation business is not easy)

Usually when one is hit by the sickness, the initial stages include a change in lifestyle.
One bathes extra clean, brushes his teeth extra hard,
and suddenly wakes up to play the piano at midnight.
Some people would stand at the balcony and grin silly at passer-bys
Some will suddenly be manic, suddenly be very calm
Some get a spastic expression, and look at the mirror biting their nails and sneeze
Some start cursing little dogs.
Gals suddenly change their hairstyle, guys start pressing dumbbells every day,
Appetite constantly fluctuates, muscle spasms, hypersensitivity,
trembling and craps all happen during this time.

(breathe Edmund... one more verse and 2 choruses to go. Yes, the song writers of that time have a LOT to say)

As the symtomns start getting worse,
people start becoming extremely sensitive, brave and even disgusting
writing, speaking, singing with as much flair as the geniuses and poets,
the more lovey-dovey the better.
Some people, after love, hide in the toilet and cry everyday,
some organize a press conference and announce their love,
and some like to hide in dark places in a couple,
like they have done something unspeakable.
Every day looking for fortune tellers, start thinking of ways to change themselves to fit the other's habits,
Treating every day as an anniversary, and themselves as the present.
Sticking by each other every day for no particular reason,
it's interesting even when they're not talking.
Walking, sitting, lying face up or down, they're never out of each other's sight,
just like they're in a 3 legged race, or siamese twins.

(Chorus - The First)

All I'm thinking about is to love you, love you, love you.
I don't care if there's rice in the rice-bin at home.
I don't care if there are people protesting or rioting in the streets,
I only care about loving you.
All I'm thinking about is to love you, love you, love you,
I don't care about the unification of Taiwan and China,
don't care about the number of refuges in Ethiopia
I just care about loving you.

(Puff, third verse...)

After a tummultuous period, soon, one starts to recover.
The two people start to get bored with each other, start to attack each other's weaknesses,
All the sweetness is gone with the wind.
And then it's waking up from misunderstandings and hallucinations,
and being surprised at oneself how silly he can be.
Ditching everything because of love, not caring about family, friends, brothers and sisters,
and feeling remorseful about it.
And then after that is tiredness, frustration, sighing, heartworn, headaches, teethaches and nightmares,
And THEN it's mental instability, nostrils flaring, short tempers , numb limbs
Finally can't take it anymore, and break up.


And although the ending may be rather sad,
After you understand it, there's nothing really fantastic about it.
Love eventually is like a cloud, uncatchable,
And I just want to tell you...
In the times when I'm alone, your gentleness unravels my lonliness.
Brings me deep, mad joy, and touches my heart.

(Final Chorus - Yes, they don't scrimp and JUST repeat. They write a whole new one)

And I gently whisper, I love you, love you, love you,
No matter whether it's dusk or dawn,
No matter whether it's in dreams or awake, I love you deeply. (X2)

How fortunate I am, to have met you...

There... DONE. Translation definitely takes the lyrical nature of the song away. But hey, if you manage to read through this entire translation, you might have an idea why I like this song so much.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Anything for a Brudder.

Right, I just remembered a brudder's request for more pictures, cos the words are straining his brain and his eyes.

And since he's now down with eye infection, I shall hereby aggravate his condition in an attempt to cure it. Don't understand? Simple. Traditional chinese cure of "以毒攻毒".

See too much porn, get eye infection? See picture of brudder, feel better. See? Simple isn't it?

with friends like these who needs enemies??? (previous pic removed on request)

not that I'm unfit, the pomelo is really heavy what!

Fine, don't believe me...

Can you believe I'm hungry?

And finally, the reason why I don't really like straight forward shots.

At least when I'm making faces, I can put the blame on something else.

Speaking of Brudders, I don't care what other people say about ah bengs. I think that they're truly decent, genuine people underneath all the hype and misplaced machismo.

I have always found it easier to relate to the "hokkien peng" types without an automatic shield snapping up. Maybe cos I always know where I stand with them. Maybe it's because they're generous to a fault to their brudders, and always stand by them. And once you're accepted, they'll go through hell and high water with you.

Maybe it is just that they're that much more genuine. There's definitely a kopitiam-sitting, Tiger-drinking ah beng under this facade of civility.

And if you F*** around with my brudders, your ass is mine.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Popularity Race

I was running through some of the blogs that I haven't had a chance to do over the last week, and I find myself drawn to looking at their counters.

I am ashamed to say, that I was actually tempted to join in popularity race. ALMOST.

And I remember, the only reason why I blog is to find a place for me to actually write the thoughts and the things that I find to be significant to me. It is also because I'm too fucking lazy to state the same things over and over again.

That being said, it'll be a scary day, when the anwer to "Hey how are you? What have you been up to??" is "Read my blog".

I sometimes wonder if the increase in popularity causes some people to actually change the way they blog.

I was talking to my brother the other day about issues in church, and I was telling him this, that with the increase of our own experiences and knowledge, we become also custodians. When we talk to people, we have to make a judgement call, and decide if the person is actually ready for some of the knowledge that we hold.

The answer is not always positive, and as custodians we may not always be right. But it's a risk that we'll have to take and hope that we do not do anything we eventually end up regretting.

Guess likewise in blogging, there are several facets by which we express our central character and ourselves as a person. Not all of them are to be viewed by the general audience. Some things also, may need to be written down, but need not be seen.

One wonders about the weight of those hidden words, and the effect that it might have on both the person that holds it, and the world if they ever come to light. I'll think more about it, when I come to a conclusion, I'll write about it here. Maybe.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Starting on the Wrong Foot

From Kurtlow.com

Your Chinese Horrorscope
Your mother-in-law is making life a living hell, but remember that patience is a virtue. Wait until she returns from her mah-jongg session later in the evening, THEN run her over with the car.

The old saying, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” will ring true for you while on holiday in Vietnam, when you step on a landmine.

Tigers are powerful, persuasive and confident. You, on the other hand, are a rambling, inbred sod-off. The position of the moon says you should not use your right thumb for the next six months, failing which your nipples will shrivel and fall off.

Expect hot, kinky sex at home. There, you will find your partner lying naked, moaning softly, on your neighbor.

Dragons have an infectious energy and zest for life, and are constantly seeking adventure. You will soar like an eagle, free and wild, when your parachutes fail to open.

There is great wealth and fortune in real-estate for you. Remember to collect $200 when you pass “Go”, and watch Banker Margaret – she’s acting shifty with the $500 notes. You and your spouse will soon welcome a wonderful new addition to the family: syphilis.

You will never find true love, and happiness will elude you. Boo-hoo. Welcome to the real world, moron.

Fall into the arms of your newfound love, after first removing the straightjacket and checking for concealed weapons. You will live happily ever after, provided you remain heavily medicated.

Yes, you are that ugly, and no, plastic surgery will not help. On the infinitesimally small chance that you find someone who’s interested in you, do the gene pool a favor — don’t reproduce.

You are extremely talented, good looking and intelligent — remember that when you accidentally let a wet one rip while grinding ass on your partner’s white ensemble next week, because no one else will, Chocobum.

Your plans to bag that big promotion will take a turn for the worse when your car skids off the ravine. You are compatible with brown, red or gold colored caskets.

Next week, your porch will be given a new coat of color when your neighbor hurls a machete through your neck. Fortunately, red is your lucky color and it perfectly matches the cream floor tiles. You are most compatible with Dog, because you like it doggy style, don’t you, you horny slut?!!11ONEone KNNCB

Kurtlow.com would like to thank Fuckstress for her generous creative input on the “Pig” entry.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


I was obsessed one time about improving my balance. As a kid I was clumsy and accident-prone like mad. I still am accident prone, just maybe, a little less.

It's like I broke a room full of mirrors. I'll run and catch my leg on my own foot and fall. I cycle and crash on a regular basis at East Coast Park. Even when it's not my fault, and trying NOT to crash. I have kicked and missed a soccer ball, hit my head and went to hospital for mild concussion.

Me and a motorbike gave everyone in class the ego boost they need to know that things are really not so bad after all. They nicknamed me "Jackie Chan" cos I was crashing so much.

So I went on a campaign to actually improve my balance.

I will walk on all the raised concrete ledges next to the drains. On the bus, I'll try to not use the hand rails. I would see how long I can stand on one foot in front of the door at the mrt station. Yes, even did that stupid stunt with Miyagi standing one legged on a piece of wood, except not by the beach. I'm glad I didn't break anything important.

Balance seems critical to everything. At that time I was in Judo. I was trying to minimize the number of times I stared at the ceiling from a horizontal position. Then it was dance, which I sucked. I'm surprised that my dance instructor actually remembers who I am.

And now, with life, it seems essential for everything else. Gals I realized, are EXPERTS at balance. If they don't have it, they want it. Take the example of... the perfect man.

Gotta take charge, yet know when to relent
Knows his direction in life, but can bend to her needs.
Focused on his carrer, but still have her as one of her most important priorities
A fantastic lover in bed (But hey! where's he gonna get the practice?)
Established financially, but one questions of they can spare their man the effort, time and energy that it takes to get there.

The list of contrasting, mutually exclusive traits carry on and on.

In relationships as well, balance is critical. I think the one that truly needs both parties to keep to the straight and narrow, is the fuck buddy. Or, the friend with privileges.

Gotta be a good friend that one can have coffee and drinks with. Gotta be physically attracted to each other, but not emotionally drawn. Gotta have the sex, but not the emotions, and be free to see other people. Gotta have mind-blowing sex with each other, yet not develop emotional attachments. AND you gotta have schedules that don't clash.

Tough isn't it? So far, I have met a couple of people that fit the bill. One is married now, and I was invited to her wedding. I attended gladly. Another, decided she found the man of her life, and is now confining her social circle to a grand total of one.

Anyone else out there that's eligible?

Thursday, January 19, 2006


From Richard Marcinko

"I have an existential relationship with pain. My pain exists so I can demonstrate to you, my constant and gentle readers out there, that I am inexorably... alive."

Right about now, my dear friends, I am very Very VERY much Alive. Just started doing my push up and crunches routine again. You know, Mon, Wed, Friday, push ups. Tues, Thu, Sat crunches. And I am reminded in no uncertain terms.

Edmund, You-Are-Not-Fit.

My arms hurt, my neck hurts, my chest hurts, my back hurts. This means I must be Doing-It-Right. Wait, my abs aren't hurting as bad. I'm increasing the number of reps next week.

Yup, I'm masochistic. I blame 6 years of getting used as the Judo club sandbag for this sad state of affairs. On the plus side, I am indestructible, and I am at my most graceful doing a Jackie Chan, ie flying through the air for a whole second before Newton reminds me again about gravity.

On the down side, I hate gyms, and therefore the chances of me hooking up with a hot fitness instructress that would privately spot me for squats is so infitesimally minute that there's a higher possibility of humans coming from apes (I'll give you my take on evolution another time). In fact, the most significant memory of the 2 times I visited California Gym, is getting checked out by other guys. And trust me, they weren't just comparing.

Now this is the surprise. For all the pain I'm feeling, I'm actually feeling better and more focused than ever. Is it the longer sleeping hours? (I'm waking up later now. This is NOT GOOD) Or cos of the exercise?

I'm trying waking up at 6:30 am tomorrow. No, I haven't done that since the last time I said I'll do it. Sue me.

I'm even thinking about getting to office early in the morning so I have some time by myself. My goodness, I'm turning into Anthony Robbins. I hope my mouth doesn't grow larger. It's big enough as it is right now.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Most Perfectionistic Nation in The World

Trust the Japs to come up with a faster, better way...


Actually it works. I know. I have tried it.

And then they have to come up with an anime series on FARKING RUBBISH COLLECTORS!

The Japs are now all-powerful. They have proven they can do ANYTHING.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Racial Harmony

I have an issue with racial tolerance. I don't think it means anything.

My friends from other races and I have discussed this many, many times before. But since this is my blog, I'm putting MY opinion down. The rest of ya, are allowed to comment all you want.

My take is that just cos you don't beat another guy up for the colour of his skin and eyes, is not in any way to be defined as "a good thing".

True, it's less bad than getting pounded for being born with a permanent tan, or with melanin-gifted skin, but really, is that ALL we're aiming for?

I don't think that ignoring the colour of skin is a good solution either.

Granted, the colour of the skin is a shortcut for people to assume things about each other. Their culture, upbringing, perhaps even habits and traits, as well as their social taboos. For the sake of courtesy and one's survival in a world with more than one race, one cannot ignore the usefulness of getting certain cues on behaviour from the colour of the skin.

Examples? It's safe to assume that you're not gonna ask your malay colleague out for lunch during Ramadan, or if you have an indian friend, ask if it's alright to eat beef in front of them.

Now that being SAID, assumptions help to save time. Treat it as a religion and God's own truth, and we're all in trouble. Yeah, we'll have to walk the thin line of moderation again. Life's a bitch isn't it? Tough but true.

Right, ideal scenario? The same as every other arguement, or disalignment of opinion in the world. AGREE TO DISAGREE! The only time when I feel that's achieved is when everyone's comfortable with each other's difference.

To the extent that we can tease each other about it. I will holla out to some of my closer indian friends,"Oi, Mama!" and the typical response is,"Ya what, Mun-Gen?"

There are certain unique features about every race, so revel in the difference! Boring right? Everybody exactly the same.

Lemme see if I can list down all the interesting stuff about the various races that I noticed in the clubbing context
  • Indians are generally excellent communicators. Need a refund of a discount on the drinks? Send them.
  • Malays are damn easy-going and easy-to-talk-to. They dance well too. So they make the perfect clubbing companion.
  • Chinese are self-effacing (usually. Not me though. I'm honest). They'll sit one corner and drink, so they're perfect for reserving seats.
  • Ang Moh are uninhibited, and most males can't dance, unless they're gay. They provide the entertainment. Look at one, and you'll actually feel there's hope in the world.
What would Singapore be without variety? How much better does it get? And then after that, over the perfect supper, we will eat prata, Bah Kut Teh, and Tulang. Sometimes even at the same place. Enuff said.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Knowing One's Own Value

Singapore society has mostly Asian values, of which modesty features as one of the highest of all "Asian" virtue. But I think in Singapore, we may have taken this one step too far.

What do I mean?

My brother is at this point of time coming out to work.

I took ONE LOOK at the resume and the cover letter and immediately told him that he's gonna need a MAJOR overhaul.


I have said it before, most Singaporeans are far too modest about themselves. The average Singaporean men SUCK at marketing themselves, simply cos they don't know what they're worth. They have no idea what they can offer and they cannot articulate their value.

That's why my brother's resume has got "please employ me" written all over it. That's why it needs a major overhaul.

I'm not asking anybody to boast, or tell any available person about their lifetime achievements in explicit detail 17 times a day.

For those looking for a job, or looking to move, understand this. Whenever you go for an interview, it's not only the person on the other side of the table looking at you and evaluating to see if you're suitable for the job. It's also YOU looking at him, and asking yourself, does HE have anything for ME?

Same thing in day-to-day relations and in the playing field of human attraction. Why is it that when guys end up hemming and hawing when talking face to face with good looking gals? The better-looking, the more the stutter?

Cos we're not confident of ourselves! And so it ends up the poor hot chick has to sit by the corner, and the only people that talk to her are sleazebags (who don't give a damn anyway) or the supremely confident.

And it's not that we don't have something to say, or cannot find something interesting to say. Hey, if the same hot chick rams her car into your baby Toyota Cilica, trust me, you'll have no trouble finding creative, interesting, and highly descriptive things to say about her, her lineage, her driving instructor and her cat.

So yes, there IS value in each and everyone of us. All we have to do is to be confident of that, and learn how to demonstrate that value, and articulate it. Once we can do that, well... the rest is just details.

Little by Little, One Step At a Time

Not everyone can go out and change the world in huge dramatic ways overnight. That however does not mean that we cannot do something about the world around us.

If you have EVER watched a nature show on TV, you will know that the rainforests are dying every day. Ah well they're on the other side of the world, and anyway what can we do?

We can.

Remember the Lifedrops program that NKF used to do? Every month, $1 or $5 or $10 gets deducted from the people's pay and put into the charity. Hey, I didn't join, simply cos it was frigging NKF (even in those times I smelt a small furry rodent). Still, let's give credit to those jokers for coming up with such an insidious plan and use it for good.

Know the straws that you use? They're not biodegradable. Stop using so many straws all the time. I remember a friend telling me one time in Secondary school that if the straw gets dumped into the sea, they find their way into the breathing holes of dolphins and other sea creatures. I have stopped drinking from straws unless absolutely necessary (like Chin-chow or flaming lamborghinis).

The plastic bags that one uses and dumps choke up sea creatures and hurt the reefs. Sea-turtle heads that get caught in plastic bags and cannot free themselves (no fingers and opposable thumbs remember?) literally suffocate to death.

On the same note, for dececy's sake, if nothing else, pick up rubbish from the beach and dump it in the trash can. This is not freaking Timbuktu, where there's 21km between each dustbin.

Fishermen, don't chuck your unused fishing line or nets into the sea. Small creatures that get caught in the net just struggle, but if larger creatures like turtles and sea mammals get their mouths caught in them, they starve to death. A stupid number of dolphins, manatees, sharks and turtles are killed by drift nets. Fark, they're on top of the food chain. What else do you think can get THEM other than our own convenience?

Stop eating shark's fin. Go for something of equal atas-ness, but taste as good, like abalone or buddha jumps over the wall. After all cut a sea cucumber in half and leave it for a month and you have two sea cucumbers. Personally I dunno about this obsession with abalone. It's glorified rubber as far as I'm concerned.

Go to the rainforest site and click on it every day before you do anything else. 11.2 square feet may not seem like much, but if we do that every single day, and get more folks to join in, we'll save HUGE tracts of rainforests in no time. Lemme see, 11.2 sqft a day that's 4088 sq ft of land a year... that's about 4 times the size of my office. Now if all you jokers out there do it all together now, we may just be able to buy Brazil in about 3 years.

Get the government to FREAKING put recycle bins in the relevant places, like in housing estates for example! I don't know which IDIOT came up with the idea of putting it in town, where nobody stays, when most of the trash is generated either at home, or in industrial estates. I am surprised nobody said anything till now. Now which big shot in what agency do I tell to bend over so I can kick his head out from inside his ass?

Nothing much right? Seem like little things, but together, the impact is IMMENSE. $1 every month, and Durai is farking rich. Go figure.

It has been a long standing belief of mine that if anyone can find a way to make a ton of money from conservation, we'll see a heck of a lot more effort from the big corporations. So, anyone wanna save the world AND become a billionaire?

Now if only someone can find a way to extract some penile enhancement drug from mosquitoes, you'll see them making the endangered species list and the gratitude of half the human population on earth. Not bad, for a pay off eh?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


The first week of the year, and I have noticed that my blog has dropped to being... trivial.

I reflect the first 2 weeks of the year, and I realized that I have only one thing to say. Something that is perhaps ripped off that Simon fellow in Americal Idol - uninspired.

Maybe it is the lethargy of the long holiday over December that spilled over, even now that I have been back to work. I was actually looking forward to coming back to work. Masochistic? Perhaps.

Over the last two weeks I feel a lack of a certain drive. I can feel the energy in me, but it lacks direction. I do not feel stimulus. Most things seem lacklusture and I seem to drift through my days not getting much done. The scary thing is, that I do not even feel a desire to shake myself out of this greyness.

When I was still in Judo, there were times where I feel that I can stand apart. Haven't you ever seem to be at two places at one time?A sensation of dislocation, and suddenly you become an observer, as well as physically being in it? I do that now, and look at myself typing on the keyboard, and wonder to myself what is causing this stagnation?

Notice how one comes alive in times of problems? All our five senses sharpen. The blood coursing through its channels, the brain switches to lightspeed, and oh, the adrenalin rush is absolutely amazing.

Problems are painful, stressful and they are NOT GOOD. They pick you right out of your comfort zone and throw you into the deep end with cement shoes. Yet one cannot but feel that the times when one is neck deep in merde is probably also when one feels ALIVE.

Strange isn't it? We seem crave challenge, we desire competition and it is only at our most distressed do we shine the most brightly. And my friends thought I was weird when I said I love exams when I was in school.

I think it's time to start looking for Fertilizer.

Let's try something different tomorrow. I'm waking up at 6:30, and see what happens.

What is Your Seduction Style?

Your Seduction Style: The Charmer

You're a master at intimate conversation and verbal enticement.

You seduce with words, by getting people to open up to you.

By establishing this deep connection quickly, people feel under your power.

And then you've got them exactly where you want them!

Hmmm these tests are pretty accurate. I'm lethal with coffee. Wahaha!
OK, people! Try it and let me know your score!

How do you make US$1 Million in 5 months with just $100?


Look at this kid. Basket. Of all the inane, ridiculous, impossible things in the world, he's selling PIXELS?!!?!?!

It's like getting a hard disk and selling disk space to everyone in the world. FARK!

Damn this is an MTV moment.

PS. I have decided that MTV is filled with absolutely psychotic, absurd, overwhelmingly meaningless things, and things SO stupid, so far beyond a lack of sensibility that it's poked a hole and come out the other side. Don't believe me, take a chance and look at Aiya House, on MTV whatever things.

PPS. Question though, if I get a lobotomy, do I also get hot women? Might actually be a decent trade off...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Deep and Overwhelming Respect

When was the last time you talked to the person at the check-out counter?

The 7-11 near my place has an absolutely outstanding character, someone I KNOW, beyond the shadow of a doubt that he will become amazingly successful. In an extremely short time, and without a doubt. And he will be one of those people who's both successful, probably fairly rich, and very happy.

I started talking to him, because there was one night when I came back exhausted from work, and I wanted to get some Peel Fresh (Notice how they don't sell Peel Fresh Mango except in big department stores now?) and when I was paying, I noticed that this chap had an absolutely BRILLIANT smile on his face.

Now when was the last time you went to 7-11 at 11pm and the salesperson was actually HAPPY to see you? It was so amazing I started talking to him.

And talking... and talking... It was 2 hours later, when I left my neighbourhood 7-11 with a litre of Peel Fresh and a new friend.

In those 2 hours, virtually everyone that came into that little branch in the middle of nowhere called out a chirpy hello to him. And he likewise hollered out to each one of them by name. In those 2 hours, I met more of my neighbours than in 3 years in this neighbourhood.

He told me about what he wanted to do. He wants to make it in life. He's actually doing something about it. At that time, he runs a little advertising and events outfit with a few friends, and at night, it's the graveyard shift in 7-11 because after 2 years, you can "own" a 7-11 branch where one holds significant shares in one particular branch. I shared with him what I learnt from reading through some work from Jay Abraham.

Right now, this enterprising fellow let his events thing fallow, works in a big hotel's PR department in the day, and carries on at 7-11 at night. To top it off, he actually starting a little fishing supplies store in Hougang. And he took some of Jay Abraham to heart, and negotiated a 50% reduction in his shop rental.


From this fellow, I rediscovered the meaning of passion. Putting one's heart and soul into his dreams. I questioned one more time what IS truly possible when a person has the courage, tenacity, WILL and passion to do keep moving forward. I see also the joy that comes with vividly working towards one's goals, and doing so with a big radiant grin on his face. I am also reminded that just knowing is not good enough. And it's not hard to apply knowledge. All it takes a little balls, a little bit of thick skin, and a willingness to experiment.

As contradictory as it sounds, I am grateful to be given this opportunity to be humbled. And I am encouraged and thankful to know this great man in a 7-Eleven uniform, and unquenchable spirit.

If you are reading this Hermi, I want you to thank you my friend, for doing what you do. I have no doubt that you will be outstandingly successful, you will achieve your dreams and be exceedingly happy with life. I thank you for being an inspiration and a constant reminder of the enormous potential just by being you.

I also want to thank you for giving me a chance to know all my neighbours, and for bringing closer a group of people with no other similarity than a need for a midnight chocolate bar, or juice at ungodly hours.

Rock On!

Monday, January 09, 2006

How True...

Got this in the mail for quote of the day.

"There are three things I have always loved, and never understood - painting, music, women"
- Fontenelle French Scientist and Man of Letter

Salsa Event at Union

There is some hot salsa event at Union tonight, so if you dawgs are going down, DO SO! I'm gonna put up one of my rare appearances there tonite... Cheers!

Interacting With Famous Folks

I wrote this during sermon today. Yeah, I know it's not right, but Friday night at MOS, and given that the sermon for today is a lot of rehashing old ground, my mind drifted. And so did my pen, it seems.

And here were my thoughts in the afternoon:

Poor famous types. I think they really have it rough.

First off, everyone is scrutinizing their actions in public and so they can never really cut loose and have fun.

Then they have to deal with hangers-on and if they are themselves to everyone, some leeches just never let go.

Be warm and you encourage the "stickers" no end. Be aloof and be seen as stuck up.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Heck, damned if you can't decide either way.

That being said, how does one truly start a conversation with a public figure? As you would everyone else? Probably, but it's not easy being feeling just a little intimidated, especially if they have their "game face" or "public face" on.

I mean, after thinking long and hard, I have finally figured out what I'd say to LKY, that is, if i ever do see him face to face. "Sir, you have my deepest respect. But I still think you're a bastard."

It's true, that is exactly how I feel about him, and the most condensed means by which to deliver it.

The rest?

Celebrities, television and radio personalities, and political figures and the rest of them. I mean, there aren't many common areas to discuss... are there?

How do I carry a conversation when I am not even sure where to start? And before I actually talk to the person, there is the "game face" to get through first?

I guess I'll have to take a page from Hitch. Call the bluff.
"Now why is it that folks like that don't get it? You're sending all the right signals, sitting alone, reading glasses with no book in sight, heels under 2 inches. And if that is not enough, there's that big "FUCK OFF" sign stamped across your forehead."

"I mean, how can it be possible that there is someone here who can actually engage in a normal conversation, and actually be interested in the words that are coming out of your mouth?"

Sometimes conversation even seems like a game, or a sparring ground, or a test. Verbal fencing, putting up walls, laying siege or surgical strikes. It's almost inevitable that walls come up, and then the other party tries to penetrate or get around it.

And in my first ever, and probably last trip into the MoS member's lounge, I was seeing walls all over the place. And well, that night, I was in the mood to dance, have a good conversation instead of having to deal with this. It was an interesting study of people there though, keeping quiet and watching.

I think I'll go spring that Hitch line on some atas type the next time I go there, or see anyone putting on airs... Watch out world!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Before the Storm

I love rainy days. The one thing I like more than the rain, is the time just before the rain comes down.

That feeling of static in the air. Expectation, anticipation. It almost seems as if the world is waiting for something to happen.

A faint smell of ozone, the rumble of thunder rolling in from the distance. The heavy, almost sticky moistness of the air giving way to a breath of faraway freshness every time the breeze stirs.

I always take a moment to close my eyes, and take breath in, I can feel my body fill with POTENTIALITY. I feel the energy in me rise, straining at the leash, just waiting to be unleashed. My fingers and toes tingle, the veins in my body roar silently, and the flow seems smooth, continuous, endless.

And when I breathe out, the confined flow spreads out to every pore. Not peace, but a certain stillness, like the calm before the storm. With every breath, the sensation mounts, building layer upon layer.

It is a fine balance, between control and absolute abandon. The thin line, that endless instant. And the first drop of rain falls, and the dam holding the flood breaks.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Illegitimis non carborundum

Sounds damn Cheem right?

In pidgin pseudo latin, it means "Don't let those bastards get you down". Read about the history here.

So nice... I think I'll get it designed and tattooed. Maybe it'll even replace the idea of getting a no-entry sign put on my butt...

Thursday, January 05, 2006

A RE-found friend

I just stumbled on a long-lost friend when I was blog-surfing. I am absolutely ecstatic!

Worked with her in BCA, and then after that drifted off when I left and she went off to study Down Under.

When she came back last year, I was busy as heck with my work.

MEEES TAN! How's OZ???

I am booking you for June when you come back, understand? You do NOT leave until you have had coffee with Da Man!

Ok, back to work.

What Gender is your BRAIN?

Your Brain is 46.67% Female, 53.33% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female
You are both sensitive and savvy
Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed
But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

I knew IT. I absolutely KNEW IT! I am THE most balanced individual on earth. HAHAHA!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Gathering my Thoughts

So many things to write about, so little time. This is just to focus my thoughts, cos it's been a little scattered lately.

1. Racism
2. Harnessing Emotions
3. A Brand New Year
4. The Aftermath of Parties
5. The Weight of Geniuses

OK, back to work.

Human Feelings

An excerpt from Isaac Asimov - "Foundation and Empire"

"To him, a stilted geometric love of arrangement was 'system', an indefatigable and feverish interest in the pettiest facets of day to day bureaucracy was 'industry', indecision when right was 'caution', and blind stubbornness when wrong was 'determination.'"

Oh how true to the average human situation.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Learning from Sitcoms

You think it can't be done. It can. It is possible. In fact, some of the more subtle, or controversial lessons are best put forth through laughter and stories.

I read this in the morning. It's a startling reminder for me, because yesterday night, I was watching "Married to the Kellys", the same point was made.

What point is that? How rare it is for people to have the courage to actually stand up and say "this is what I love to do, and I am going to DO IT". It is amazing. Oh sure, so many people pay lip service to "living my dream". Usually it's followed by "later".

When it comes down to the crunch, how many of us will actually has the clarity to know what it is we want to do, and then actually do it?

How many of us because of what has happened in our lives forget our dreams, and live out our lives caught in limbo, neither completely depressed, but never truly happy? Just ok.

OK, an excuse to just remain in status quo. In a situation like this, I rather the person be ignorant of his dreams. Because if he knows how far he can go, if he knows what he wants to do, and how he can do it, AND HE DOES NOT DO IT - He'll spend his life less than happy.

It is not common to have folks doing what they love, and getting paid for it. But hey, if you truly ARE doing what you love, with some thought, you truly CAN get someone to pay you for it. Don't believe me? Try it and see.