Friday, August 08, 2014

A Simple Lesson

I read a story with a simple message.

The hero is a wimpy kid who likes to cry.

When asked what he wants to do, he said this, "I can't change the world. It's too big. I only want to take care of the people I love, and the friends I know. But, everyone has people who are precious to them, right?

"And we all want the same thing, and just take care of the ones we hold dear. If just that one idea keeps going, eventually, the whole world would be saved right?"

Grief, and remember. But more hate and destruction will never bring back the people that have gone before us. The only thing we can do, is to live our lives fully, and love, so that their memory lives beautifully through us till the time we meet again.

That, we can do. Right?

The pain of the past does not justify the pain of the future. It serves to educate. To teach. To open our hearts, so that we can reach out, not to hit someone, but to hold them close. So that history will never ever have to repeat itself.

And this I learnt from LKY. Living for a cause. That's the hard part. Dying is easy. Living, so you have to make hard decisions day in and day out, get your ass out of bed, when you don't want to, and deal with all the million and one things so that we can continue? That's hard.