Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dirty Love

It was months ago when I heard this phrase from my pastor. (yes, assholes. I go to church. Live with it)

"Love is a dirty, stinky thing. It's not the lovely, sweet beautiful, clean thing that you see on movies and in books."

Now I was never a romantic. I don't ever believe in "happily ever after" but what he said gave another aspect to it.

He went on, it's because of love, that the mothers and fathers take care of their babies. Believe me, even the cutest baby's shit is not roses. It is heartbreaking, when you lecture and discipline your kid over and over again. It is humiliating when you stand next to him in front of the discipline master's office.

When you love your fellow man, you go out into the field, and serve, it is hot, sweaty, uncomfortable, irritating but you keep at it, because of love.

When you have a girlfriend or a wife, you get pissed off, there are days where you have flaming rows. but that night, if your significant other gets drunk, you'll clean the pee and the vomit off him or her, and tuck her into bed. It hurts, it is painful, it is smelly, it is irritating, and a whole host of unpleasant and downright disgusting sensations and feelings.

But we presevere because of love. In in that, is a new, sublime beauty more than that in the romance novels.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Definition: Nice Guy

Alright, this I need to understand. For the sake of MANkind, Align Centerwhen women and girls say that they want a NICE guy, what EXACTLY are they looking for?

My English teacher has said that the word nice is an ambiguous word. Much like OK, or can lah or mai hiam. Nice, can mean everything from something short of the devil incarnate, to Mahadma Ghandi the Second.

And since nobody has ever asked this before, I'm gonna do it. Ladies and, well, girls,


You now have your essay topic. Now fire away. You have the right to remain silent, and anything you say and use can and will be used in the court of the sexes.

I, as well as about half the human race, await your enlightening response.