Thursday, May 04, 2006

Opposition Erection Rally

Finally went for one of those.

Wah low eh! Erection Rally got so many people one leh... Damn power siah. Got from Jln Besar one, got Potong Pasir one, even got Choa Chu Kang one all over at Yio Chu Kang Stadium. Dammmm steady siah.

If I dam enterprising kopi tiam owner, sure get one carton of Tiger go over and sell to all the un-ker dere and maker lots of mah-ney ah.

Ah tell you hor, serious ah, the opposition beh pai leh... but hor, dey need a plofessional speech maker leh. Some more need event organizer. Or else huh, together like crusterfuck liddat ah, cannot make it leh.

That being said ah, actually hor, at the end of the day, they have some good poin, maybe next time with a good speechmaker, dey actually make sense and not step on each other's feet.

Too tired from whole day at work. Never see da Chiam see dong, den zao leow. Not bad Not bad, all things considered, with media and boh zhua also against dem, I think dese people deserve respect, for sheer pigheadedness, and a complete stupid refusal to give up. Some more whack the emperor's son's constituency... beh pai. The balls like machiam coconut like dat.

Let's see how dey do this time.

But at the end of da day, KNN, wait so long, den I need to go HK for work, cannot vote. Nabeh. I is going to take da white colour voting slip and wipe backside. Next time, dunno when leow. Ah well, was fun while it lasted....

Enough of my inner beng, time to get my ass outta the office and grab a beer before flying

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The Horny Bitch said...

Ur area PAP win big lor...