Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Lil Piece of Latin America

Went for my first Brazilian.

No, not woman. That one is in the works. Brazilian WAX.

The pain is overrated. Really.

NO, I'm not posting pictures. If you wanna see, find a way to get my pants off.


Birkenstocker said...

U went for a brazilian? Can't believe it! I tot onli gals n gays do it.Y would u wanna do it? Did u do it at strip? Anyway, the pain differs from person to person. Depends on the thickness of yr hair, length, how coarse ....

Well, I guess in that department, yrs wasnt exactly a crowning glory. haha...

Anyway, I salute u for doing it, actually!

Nicole said...

getting your pants off ain't difficult =X

chinfee said...

you did it!


why not post some pictures so we have a better understanding on male brazillian WAXES!

chinfee said...

(it wasn't complete; accident)

anyway, like nicole said, it isnt hard to get your pants off ;)

Vandalin said...

birken - Yeah at Strip. Was the only one I can find online. As to why... WELL. Simple actually. Try everything twice. That's my motto. And I'm sticking by it.

Nicole - Go on. Try it, before it's too late. ;)

chinfee - How do you guage effectiveness? The hair's all off. Period. And oh, NO. PICTURES.

Birkenstocker said...

try everything twice? so u tried being a gay before?

was it a lady or a guy who did the brazillian for u?

sassyjan said...

they call it a boyzillian rite!

ohgawd. i went for a brazillian once and i kind of swore NEVER to do it again. farking pain.

Vandalin said...

Birken - It was a guy. If it was a lady, especially a good looking one, the whole thing might have taken real long.

Let's just say that I am VERY comfortable with my hetrosexuality.

Sassyjan - A brazilian by any other name would sound just as painful. Dunno leh. I was ok. And I wasn't even drunk.