Saturday, May 19, 2007

Today is a GOOD day.

Today, is a good day.
Today, Blogger decides to go back to normal. I therefore forgive the powers that be, and thank them for letting out of blogging purgatory.
Today is the first day after my reservist. I therefore thank THOSE powers that be, for letting me out of the jungle hell I was in, where I become reaquinted with why I hate cold and wet and why I strongly believe that all mosquitoes should be on the highly endangered animals list. (Can anyone find out if mosquitoes are good for virility?)

Today, I finally slept more than 2 hours. My bed misses me, and communion is sweet, wonderful and too short. I thank the powers that be, for the unconditional acceptance of my bloster, my pillow, and my blanket. Wilderness camping is over rated.

Today, I can tell the world, I have seen my first wild boar, and concluded that a Steve Irwin impression is enough to freak any animal out.

Today, I see a herd of chicken. I shit you not. It is a herd. There's no other word for a group of chicken walking along and grazing along the grass patch in all the slow regal-ness of the wilderbeasts of the serengeti. I give you... A herd of chicken.


The Horny Bitch said...

Means I don need go liao unless he bring me go?

Vandalin said...

Dun understand :P