Thursday, March 06, 2008

Kudoes to Another Singaporean Entrepreneur

Congrats XT, on starting your online clothing store!

She carries a really nice line for ladies. Nothing for the men, but hey, she's ALMOST SOLD OUT and it's only the second day. Gives you an idea of how nice her stuff is ya?

No, Edmund will NOT model anything from the store. Yes, even if it's his birthday. We're helping XT, remember guys?

A lot of people talk about starting their own business, but hardly any actually take that step forward. So here's what little I can do, to make your store a success.

So cheers XT, make it happen and congratulations on taking a huge step forward.

PS. Apparently if you quote my blog, you gals can get 10% off. Hey, take the remainder and buy me teh tarik. I don't mind.


DK said...

You forgot to put the link lah. No link how to plug? :P

Vandalin said...

Thanks DK!