Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Birthday Wishes

So another year gone, and another year is here. I've never been one to put much store by my birthdays truth be told. In the past, it's more often been an excuse to get my mates together, get drunk and party. Never been much on birthday resolutions, nor presents for that matter.

If there are presents, I have always held more store for the cards than the presents. The feelings invested into the written word are more precious to me than the presents.

This year's a little different. Things were a little tough this birthday, and I'm in the middle of a flux. Work wise, I've stagnated for a year or so, getting my feet back under me after trying to live the entrepreneur dream for a little more than half a decade. I've shelved that for now.

Relationships, I met someone I thought was about as close to a soulmate I'll ever likely to get. Funny how love springs at you in the most unexpected circumstance. Alas it was not to be, and somewhere along the way, I wussed out, lost my confidence and is slowly coming back to be alone and myself again.

Nevertheless, whatever does not kill me makes me stronger, yes?

I'm grateful for the experiences I had, and for the friends in my life. From each and everyone of you I have learnt something. I appreciate the care and love that you have shown, and my life is richer for your presence. Thank you Rachel, Christine, Siren and Lennie for making my birthday more amazing than I ever thought it could be.

Rachel thank you for the company.
Christine, thank you darling. One Altitude was fucking awesome. The sunset, spectacular.
Siren, thank you for dinner, and making one of my most ardent birthday wishes come true.
Lennie, thanks for the offer of drinks and the support.

I am thankful for my family, both immediate and extended. In your own way, you have shown your support and love for me, and as much as you piss me off at times, you have been role models to me.

To the ones I loved, you have made a huge impact on my life. Thank you for being with me. You will always be special to me, in your own way.

Over the last 6 years, I've kept a lot of my dreams in check. For the sake of business, many of my personal goals and aspirations have been set aside. This year, I'm determined to fulfil some of them.

1. Martial Arts - I've always loved martial arts, and I have neglected it for too long. Time to step up JKD a notch. Bruce Lee remains my idol.

2. Travelling - The last time I travelled purely for leisure is May 2002. I really miss backpacking and visiting my mates from all over. This time though, if I get mugged, someone else's ass will be well and truly kicked.

3. Riding - Ever since army, I've wanted to get back on the bike again. It's not a mode of transport. It is a lifestyle.

4. Inking - I'm working on the addition to my tatt. Work in progress.

5. Guitar - I've neglected my baby. I'm sorry. I will get my ass in gear and complete learning Hotel California.

6. Moving Out - Even if it's just a room.

A year gone, and another year laid out. Helllooo Edmund. There are stories to write, lessons to learn and so much of life to experience.


airworm said...

Let's fight more..and I am just about planning to get back to cycling..
Let's do it bro!

Vandalin said...

bring itttt!!! hahaha

maybe we should set time aside every week. I'll show you mine, if you show me yours.