Monday, December 06, 2010

The Most Intimate Contact Between Two People

is not sex, not kisses, not hugs.

The most intimate contact between lovers, is when they're holding hands.

Kisses you can give to strangers
Hugs to acquintances
Sex can be a commodity, bought and sold between willing parties.

But you can tell how comfortable a couple with each other by the way they hold hands.


airworm said...

True...true. But I try not to kiss strangers and also not the hugging type...seeing a lot of gals pretending to be french and doing all the muak muak on faces these days.
Love holding hands though..and into the sunset years...old folks walking down the beach...when sex isn't really there anymore.

Vandalin said...

I'm fine with the muack muack thing really.

But the meaning of holding hands kinda transcends cultures I realized. Even among the air kissers, hand holding has a special meaning.