Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Mine-Mine Mentality

There are some instincts in life we do not grow out of.

Remember when you got yourself a new toy, and you spent all your time playing with it.

Remember how when you spend the most amount of time and energy with the newest toy, and the old ones lie forgotten in the cupboard.

UNTIL, your neighbour pops over to your house one day, and picks up a toy you haven't touch for years. And suddenly, THAT toy, the same one you have not touched or played with for years, become your most TREASURED possession.

"Mine, mine!" you cry. "You can't have it!"

"But you're not playing with it anymore, you don't even like it,"says your neighbour.

"Yeah I do, it's MINE! And you can't have it!" you scream.

Fast forward a few decades and whilst the toys have changed, and the reactions may have grown more subtle, but the essence is still there isn't it?

In relationships, in work, in life even, we seek something, not because we want it, but to deprive others of the chance to have it. The OWNERSHIP of the item becomes more valuable than the item itself.

Don't make sense? Well, that's humans for ya, eh?


Nicole said...


what do you call it then, if the toy remains still my favourite item, yet someone wants me to give it to a younger cousin?

Jess said...

It makes perfect sense darling.. That explains why we're so hung up about our ex.. We don't want them, we just don't like the idea that they don't belong to us anymore.. But in the first place, did they ever belong to us??

Humans are stupid.