Monday, January 15, 2007

To Live or Not To Live

The year started with the death of someone, while not exactly a close friend, but someone I am used to seeing.

I don't know him all that well, don't know his family, his dreams and aspirations, even if he has a girlfriend or his favourite food or type of whiskey.

Even then, the suddenness of his departure hit me bad.

Friday night, I wasn't suppose to club, and for once I kept my promise. But an sms of over indulgence brought me to the old hangout. Banter, banter, jokes, and 5 minutes of bullshit. Leave.

Saturday night, after my cousin's wedding. I was exhausted. "But you gotta come! I'll be leaving Singapore for 2 weeks straight and I won't be clubbing. You MUST!" Fine, fine. I promised myself a hi, bye and then it's off to bed. That's not to be.

It's just as well that none of the party people turned up. The bouncer downstairs broke the news to me. I thought he was shitting me. The cashier confirmed it. Sat there, talking to the 2 of them, while waiting for one more person I relayed the news to.

Bike accident, hit-and-run. Died instantly, and the body flown back in the afternoon.


Just as well that nobody else who wanted to party came, cos all the mood's gone.

Funerals are for the living, I always believed. We all remember him in our own ways I reckon. It's good that so many people are affected by his passing, I guess. A testimony that his life touched many of us.

One more person that I have known, and left suddenly. It's not that I knew him well, but he left suddenly. And the emptiness needs time to be filled.

And a reminder that the best way to honour the dead, is to live, and to live well.

May all your dreams be fulfilled but one.


Nicole said...

I want to live for the moment, enjoy every single bit of life, live everyday as if it were the last.

Yet I want to dream, to do the impossible, to do everything big that goes beyond that single present moment.

Am I the only one who sees the conflict herein?

Vandalin said...

Pick a destination and go for it. But hey enjoy the ride.

There you go, your cake, and eat it.