Monday, July 02, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust

One phone call was all it took.

Fuck. Didn't know what to say.

He wasn't close. I know him, knew him as my junior in dance. Seen him around at MoS once.

Never really talked, never really communicated. Still, it was someone I know. Knew.

Don't know why he didn't confide in the friends he had. Maybe he wants to put up a front, the jester. I know that mask all too well.

A lil late now.

I don't miss him, but when they played RnB on Saturday night at China One, it's too close for comfort, and though I liked the song, I can't dance. Not then.

I reckon, as long as we remember, they're never really gone.

To the people we know and lost. Cheers. May we never forget life.

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