Monday, July 02, 2007

Look Mom, No Hair

Conclusions after I have done the Hair for Hope Charity Drive for the Children's Cancer Foundation?

I have absolutely NO ability at cam whoring.

HB, Jan, and all you other photo types. HELP!

On a side note, why in the world did they wash my hair before taking it all off? And now that it's off. Soap, like the rest of the body, or shampoo, even without hair?


101wish said...

OMG...wat a NEW hairstyle...SALUTE !

Vandalin said...

thanks! Updates. Shampoo don't work. Going with soap. Tomorrow, facial wash.

Jess said...

kawaii ne~~

can I touch :p

UptownGal said...

U look old, JUNIOR! Don't go chop off those locks again, JUNIOR!