Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Define stupidity.

Is ignorance stupidity? No. That's just the lack of knowledge.

What about the refusal to see or understand facts? Shaky. That's just being obstinate. For that matter, what ARE facts?

Then if someone has got a brain, but is refusing to use it. Is that stupid? Lazy, complacent. Or maybe just plain arrogant.

Not making sense. Well, most of the really brilliant people don't make sense to us anyway. Then are they considered stupid, at least, to us?

Not being logical. Sod it, most of us aren't anyway. If you can explain exactly WHY you like a colour more than another, or a particular kind of look, or a handphone model, or a man, woman or animal, tell me. If you want to function in this world, you're probably 95% illogical.

If you watched MTV, or Youtube, or any one of the dozen means by which completely excessive, pointless acts of physical, mental and property destruction are perpetuated and very possibly imitated and propogated, you start to think that these people are geniuses.

People who have reached the point of non-sense, and then gone out the other side. Nobody gets that inane without inborn talent followed by years of practice, enormous amounts of planning, and very possibly too many hours of completely destructive use of time.

So what the HELL is stupidity? Are most of us then stupid? Do we even qualify?

And isn't it completely stupid for you to be reading a post on stupidity? Or me for writing it?

Stupid people of the world, UNITE!

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