Sunday, November 11, 2007


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Here goes.

1. I wore a sarong to my friend's pre wedding party in Norway because they wanted something to remind them of Singapore.

2. I keep a pet rock with lichen on my window sill, also from Norway.

3. When I was in university, my room-mate and I found a bat at our front door in the morning. We kept it as a pet and named it Bruce.

4. I get freaked out by people putting in and taking out their earrings.

5. It is my strong belief that the next Child's Play sequal will be called "Teletubbies, the Movie".

6. This is the first time I was ever tagged.

7. I have never been to KL in my life. Ever.

The next victims will be... Andy, Peanut Butter Wolf, Oceanic, Nicolekiss, Hostsara, Melbourne Babe, Rachael (since she doesn't have access yet, mommy will have to fill it in for her)

It is finished, and I see that it is good.

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