Monday, November 19, 2007

What I Learnt From KL

I now realize what they mean when they say that you learn something about yourself when you travel.

My first ever trip to KL taught me... that my friends and I are taboo to convertibles.

Friend's dad a huge collector of cars, so when we stayed over, we couldn't resist trying out all the various cars in his garage.

We first took the Ferarri out for a spin. That ended about 20 minutes later, cos the thermostat blew out and the engine stalled. At least it was a glam car we pushed. HEH.

that's the ferrari we whacked

Later that night, we took the BMW M3 out. The top was down, the wind in our hair, and that lasted till we hit Zouk KL. then, the engine died. Couldn't get it restarted.

The BMW M3. A classic. Till we got our hands on it.

Maybe God was saying, Do not drink and drive.

Looks like I'm staying with cars with tops for now.

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