Monday, June 09, 2008

The Sweet Irony

You know how the gah-men has been pushing for clean and green Singapore.

You see how we try to reduce emissions by making it expensive for the average joe to drive.

You see ERP gantries going up to regulate traffic flow so that cars are clustered in other smaller roads less able to manage the flow and then those roads get blocked with gantries as well.

Yet taxes are reducing so it's "easier" to own a car, but harder to actually use it.

And here's an interesting point. Why the FUCK is it that for all the bloody clean and greenness, more environmentally friendly cars don't have a reduction in tax, but an INCREASE.

Something here doesn't fit. Can you see it?


The Horny Bitch said...

We should all kill ourselves seriously.

tianhong said...

hey think about where we are living.

Anonymous said...

I tell my colleagues, work hard, soon you'll have to earn at least 3k/mth just to buy rice.

Vandalin said...

HB - nah, and you wonder why I never expect the gah men to do anything for me.

th - Singapore. 'nuff said

Liq X - Air will soon be a commodity, cos we breathe out carbon dioxide.

rationalneurotic said...

it's nothing about Singapore (for food increases). It's a worldwide phenomenon - actually there IS enough food but because everyone is panicking and buying and the cartel is just holding back.

I guess what they are doing is decreasing the cost of ownership and increasing the cost of usage. You can own it if you want - the 5Cs, isn't it - but you pay for what you use. If you use less, then you pay less; use more and pay more?

The gripe I totally agree with is the tax reductions (or lack of) for green cars. Our mainstream community is so boxed in and ignorant about green solutions (green cars and cycling) - check out the STForums - that they hardly see the need to raise the bell for that.

Paris is moving towards a totally carless (but bus-friendly) city. I wonder if Orchard could ever do that before the mainstream public start lynching people.

Ossi said...

In order to improve/sustain the economy, one should not limit the sales of products. In fact, one should encourage it. This applies to cars too. Encourage the sales of cars, not the use of it.

Environmentally friendly cars will be difficult to own, till the BBs decide to change their strategy. There's a reason why electric cars are expensive - the BBs are still trying to sell petrol-fuelled cars.

Anonymous said...

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