Monday, July 14, 2008

Justifications, Reasons, and Why The Gahmen Needs A New Publicist

Keeping up with my usual reading of daily affairs via Jean's Blog, this thought occured to me.

Funny how come there is a justification for increasing prices, but there's also a justification for keeping employees' salaries at the same level. Now if both justifications are justified... where's does the money from this increase go to?

And that is why, all too often, I ask the question why in the world the powers-that-be, for all the extra money that they're getting, are not getting better publicists (read. story-tellers).

I mean come on, you'd think that for all the money in the world, you should be able to get some of the best spin doctors in the world to make people not only give you money, but do it willingly, unreservedly, and maybe even take their children's lunch money and hand it over reverently.

But then again, ,maybe we, the sheep-tizens of this nation, just ain't worth the trouble and the money and the time.


Ah Tiong said...

they make it such that one is working too hard to pay off bills to care too much about what happens in their ivory towers...

Anonymous said...

Bro.. join in the Love Challenge.

Vandalin said...

ah tiong - shhh... you don't wanna get red flagged. time to make enough, then move the entire family out.

sis - that's a hard one. i'll try though.