Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Definition: Nice Guy

Alright, this I need to understand. For the sake of MANkind, Align Centerwhen women and girls say that they want a NICE guy, what EXACTLY are they looking for?

My English teacher has said that the word nice is an ambiguous word. Much like OK, or can lah or mai hiam. Nice, can mean everything from something short of the devil incarnate, to Mahadma Ghandi the Second.

And since nobody has ever asked this before, I'm gonna do it. Ladies and, well, girls,


You now have your essay topic. Now fire away. You have the right to remain silent, and anything you say and use can and will be used in the court of the sexes.

I, as well as about half the human race, await your enlightening response.


cake said...

ED - epitome of a nice guy. SRSLY.

ps. i don like nice guys. i like MCPs! :D

tssd said...

cake +1

tianhong said...

i think nice guy to them is just another definition for alpha male.

JayWalk said...

Nice guy = doormat = big carrot top.

Every girl would love a nice guy whom they can exploit and make use of without worrying about needing to give something bad.

Vandalin said...

3 guys, one girl who thinks like a guy. WHERE ARE YOU WOMEN!

Ah Tiong said...

Nice guy = Person who does things in hope of getting some booty, but rarely does.

Polly said...

Doormat/Carrot Top = Stooopid Guy

Nice Guy : Someone who is sensitive to the feelings of others. Will use his brain first before opening his mouth.

Most important of all.....he is SINCERE.

Girl who likes MCP. U don't know what u r missing.

POsh said...

i dont believe in adopting a holier-than-holy attitude about defining a nice guy. lets face it, even a bastard/MCP had in his lifetime displayed acts of kindness, empthany before.

so its not fair to pinpoint Mr Nice Guy as a doormat. at least with Mr Nice Guy, he is clear and upfront, a bastard/MCP? how honest or trustworthy can he get or earn?

there is no such thing as Mr Nice Guy but there is a nice guy in every guy out there, some more apparent than others.

i dont need a guy to be too nice to me, but it would be nice if the guy is kind and considerate towards me and not treat me like shite or take me for granted. that's my Mr Nice Guy.

Ariel said...

Can also just be an excuse used to reject someone u r not interested in ... :P

eileen said...

you used to be a flirt boyfriend, now you're a nice guy. :D

Vandalin said...

Polly: what if he's sincerely an asshole?

Posh: how do you define kind and considerate?

Ariel: True true.

Eileen: I still am aren't i? but i flirt with you

Lyd said...

Well.. my take is that nice guys can also become bastards too. So, end of the day, there is just no clear defination for nice guy.It has always and will always remains gray. :)

SG Fairy said...

In this context, 'nice' would be defined as 'a super adjective comprising a zillion other adjectives'.

Qns: What sort of guy you like/want?

Girl's ans: Well, err.. (*thinks furiously* What sort ah? Err... sweet? kind and do charity? handsome? rich? make me laugh? can arrange a kickass proposal? polite? dress well? Aiyah... I not sure leh! Nice? Ya!) Oh, I'll like a nice guy.