Thursday, February 12, 2009

Learning Lessons The Hard Way

It sucks not to have the instant gratification of letting it rip when one is pissed off.

It sucks even more to have to suck it in, and watch, and not have the pleasure of fucking someone over, especially if he is unrepentant and is too arrogant to even KNOW that he's made a mistake.

I look forward to next week, and hope wait will make the next meeting much MORE satisfying.

Damn I need to work off the aggression. Looking at this gym to take JKD and MMA classes. Anyone?


airworm said...

Seriously Vandalin, you should do the fundamentals. Basically JKD came from Wing Chun, and I have read the JKD book, it is over-glorified MAs.

Vandalin said...

hmm will go for the classes and see. will be focusing on several months of basic before anything else.

I still remember the time in judo where we had 3 months of break falls before we were even taught our first throw.

airwom said...

ok let's spar for pointers next time we meet!