Monday, April 20, 2009

Raising Shirlyn

Now as much as i believe that Singapore is a bloody talent desert, there are some little oases of talent.

Shirlyn Tan is one of those.

No, she's not featured on the President's Command Performance, because she don't play some classical instrument so well that the Ae-tess people will notice.

Neither does she sing some teeny bopper doe-y eye pop song, so that she is discovered by some Taiwan producer, and get fame overseas before getting recognized in the hometown.

She can't play table tennis either.

But nevertheless, in my books, she's Singaporean, and BLOODY HELL SHE ROCKS! And she has a whole bunch of SICK screaming fans as well!

See? (picture taken from jaywalk's blog)

Anyways, she's diversifying and going to the States to train to be a fully fledged Yoga instructor. And it is my duty to make sure she comes back to us after 9 weeks, so that Thursdays keep on being Thirst-days.

So Monday, at Blu Jazz Cafe. Make sure you're there, and make sure you go in and raise a glass in honour of OUR OWN Shirlyn Tan!

Date: 20th April 2009, Mon.
Time: 8-11pm
Place: Blu Jazz Cafe, (near Haji Lane)

More information available here!

Right now, enough reading, and get going tonight!

1 comment:

Ah Tiong said...

Thanks for the plug.

Come down Thur & Fri before she leaves ya.