Monday, August 17, 2009


When faced with an impossible choice,

of holding on with an iron grip, and watch whatever you have slipping through your fingers slowly but surely,

and letting go, and risk whatever it is you value disappear in an instant,

how do you choose?


Hillary said...

I was asking myself this, on the bus, on the way to Singapore.

I realized something - that everything we hold on to will slip through the fingers. Naked we have come from our mother's womb, naked we will return.

So even if we grip it so tightly and stubbornly, it will still escape our grasp.

Why hold on then? Unless, you are called to.

airworm said...

Bro u ok? i just got back from me to chill when u need...
I recently made a choice to move on..i really do not want to let things slip through but I realised, we have to let go in order to know what is truly yours..and also so we move onto a new path forming..

SG Fairy said...

My mind would tell me to let go, once and for all... though it'll be difficult to see all I value disappear in an instant, the pain and shock wouldn't be drawn out.

My heart though, will cling on, as tightly as it can.. trying to ignore the bits slowly slipping away.. trying to keep, even though I know it's useless, that which is so dear to me.

And unfortunately for me, I'll end up following my heart... it's just the way I am... maybe I just love the pain, lol

Vandalin said...

Hillary: When do you know if you're called to?

Airworm: the head made the decision. the heart is currently lagging.

Fairy: So pain is your gig eh?

SG Fairy said...

or just plain stupid.. don't know why i keep torturing myself

yuvraj said...

Was browsing around and happened to come across this posting.. Coudn't help but comment..

Is there really a choice?

Even if you try to hold onto something which is meant to slip away, it'd only make the bearing more difficult.. Though letting go is equally hard if not more so.. But either ways the end result stays the same..
It's like holding onto water in one's palms.. Whether you try to close your palms, or relax them, either ways it slips away,