Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Button Pushing

Lessons for the day:

Keep probing limits, keep pushing buttons. Never ever stop, never get comfortable, and never lose yourself and forget what YOU want.

Question of the day, especially to the people that know me:

Am I too nice to the people I care about, especially the women in my life?


yuvraj said...

I've posed this question to myself of late too..

Haven't been able to come to a conclusion yet.. The thing is I'm the way I am.. I'm not pretending, I'm just being ME.. Now if I were to change, then that would be an act..

Yet, by being ME is it really helping my cause, is something to ponder about.. But the whole question becomes a moot point if this is the only way I can be..

airworm said...

Bro... push this button instead - Button

Vandalin said...

yuvraj: I find the concept of "being me" a rather fluid concept.

airworm: fucker. heh.