Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Long Way To Go

Now a great meal is one that evokes emotion. And I gotta say, the invite from TK to the Tiffin Club evoked several.

Envy - I have no idea how in the world chef Iskandar came up with his menu. But I gotta say, it was inspired. I wish I had the same inspiration.

Demoralized - The road is LONNNGGG for me to even think about going professional. He set the bar ridiculously high.

Motivated - The hope that SOME DAY I'll be able to cook at that level, if not with the same style.

For an actual review of the food, check out my food blog. But then again, it's no foodie page. It's just my own little space to mess around with food, and concentrate all my food related stuff.

Nevertheless, thank you, TK for the opportunity to try the food and open my eyes to the ONLY fusion food that I actually ever liked. Thank you siren and ting for the lovely company, and thank you chef Iskandar, for a meal that stretched the imagination of what is possible with food.


T(H)(B) said...

Why TK never offer me?!

Vandalin said...

hmmm guess cos we're a little nearer to the restaurant?