Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Look At Yourself In The Mirror

Look everyone, I have had it up to HERE with all this crap about who's fault is what in the whole Gaza-Israel situation. And I want every single one of you, to be reflecting on your own posts, and actions. If you insist on being children about it, I will treat you as one, and lay it down as I see it. 

First up, anyone who shares any "Israel is evil", or "Palestine needs to die" posts. Just how do you think blaming and demonizing either side is going to help this entire situation? I frankly don't care what your excuses are. And how justified you think you are. Seriously. Take a good look at all your comments, and the posts you like, and the ones you shared. IT'S ALL HATE! It's all "you're wrong, I'm right. Neh neh neh neh nehhhh." 

How are you different from hatemongers? How are you different from racists, bigots or dare I say, Nazis of the past? You who pick up your electronic stone, and cast it, who spread hate and annihilation with every post, and then accuse another for the exact same thing that you do. 

HOW DARE YOU SAY YOU STAND FOR PEACE? Is this what peace is like for you? When people trample over people and killing starts? There are riots in cities because enough of you think like this, and suddenly killing and violence is justified. 

Look at the ones you demonize and then at yourselves. Do you see a reflection? 

Next, boycotters. I keep saying it. But obviously this isn't getting through. Well I'm gonna say it again. You hate it that innocent civilians get hurt and injured when countries try to prove a point? Or that people get caught in the cross fire? 


Boycotting companies for abhorrent practices work because they run on profits. Do it enough, and it'll be more profitable to take on a more responsible action. 

Boycotting countries? Never worked. Never. Ever. Name me ONE, just one UN sanction that actually worked. Go on. Try. Cuba? China? North Korea? Myanmar? In the last 100 years, economic sanctions have never worked. Why? 

Let me break it down for you. Eventually the people that suffer are the ones who are on the ground. Think! You think that you're proving a point. Good. You've proved it, at what expense? Innocent people on the ground lose their jobs, or are in hardship. Or are in pain. To who? The civilians, the innocents. If the people had the power to bring down the regime, do you think they wouldn't by NOW? What are you thinking about? By pushing all of them into a corner, by beating on them, what do you hope to accomplish? 

The people in power, stay in power. They are inconvenienced but they're not even close to being down. Are they going to change? Never did, never will. If they cared, you'd never have needed the boycotts in the first place. If they didn't, what makes you think that they'll care?

And in the end, what you do, is the economic equivalent of carpet bombing. Hurting and damaging property and people caught in the cross fire to prove your point. How does that help? 

And third. This is to each and every single one of you who do not verify your stuff before you post. For the love of all that is holy, things are bad enough on the ground and in media without false reports flying around and people throwing accusations over half truths and historical muck. 

Sure we can understand what things were like before, and I'm sure that for human beings who cannot even decide on whether a dish is good or not, in a new restaurant, history over the span of decades and centuries, taken from scraps, interviews and survivors, pieced together by human beings with preconceived notions and bias would be complete and irrevocably true right?

History is a series of data points. How you choose to interpret those data points determines the picture you draw. And even if the picture is accurate, then what? How does it help the current situation, except add more fuel to fire?
facing up or down? Also the blueprints of a bomb Shelter. You're welcome, Hamas
Fourth, it is so much easier to spread hate than peace isn't it? I have seen inflammatory pictures, videos and articles spread incredibly fast around Facebook. Every time one comes up accusing one side or another, thousands of shares in hours. And frankly, I don't see the difference in opinions any more. 
Taken from 2 separate posts. 
From my own Facebook, I see people so eager to take sides, but when it comes to peace? Hardly any likes or shares. Get with the program. I have been saying this for day one. Right and wrong are just points of view. Alive and dead, now that's way more relevant isn't it? And if you're really FOR peace, look for #ceasefireinGaza, Israel loves Palestine, Palestine loves Israel, and #jewsandarabsrefusetobeenemies.

And finally, Israel, wrong frigging tactics. Seriously. All this could have easily been avoided the second you guys decided to take the fight to the ground. Let this Chinese show you how it's done. 

1. Start air dropping aid, instead of depending on central bodies to distribute them. Too slow, and too easily misdirected. The people will know how to distribute to their own. If Hamas decides to take the aid for their own, well, ever seen a mama bear try to protect her cubs?

2. Armored convoys to evacuate all hospitals and schools. Feel free to shoot anyone who tries to stop the convoy. IDF will be perfectly justified then.

3. If any Palestinians want to leave the area, assist them by establishing a clear straight path out from the middle of all the build up areas in Gaza. This is when I'll actually advocate bulldozing the houses so a straight path is established. Compensation can come later. Lives first. Strip search for bombs. It might be humiliating, but at least you have blood and life to be embarrassed.

4. Pump florescent smoke into all the tunnels. Literally fill them with smoke. Anyone inside dies, and one just need to wait till nighttime to see where all the entrances are. If you want to be reallllyyy nice, use weed. Might as well help the drug enforcement agency get rid of their confiscated stash at the same time.

Casualties on both sides will be much MUCH less.

Oh, if you have the chance, go like the pages, Israel loves Palestine, Palestine loves Israel and #jewsandarabsrefusetobeenemies.

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