Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Enough Is Enough

I have had it up to HERE with people who cherry pick what I say, and just pick out whatever they want, and then afterwards pass judgement on me. You want to know exactly where I stand? Then read on. If not, here's a happy cat picture.

Why do I bloody condemn Hamas? 
Let me number it off for you,

  1. If they're the government in Gaza, and they have received US$7.7 BILLION in fucking aid money, they can fucking do something about their fucking country since 2007 to make sure the lives of the people there don't fucking suck. JUST ONE FUCKING PERCENT of that money would have ensured that your people will have fucking bunkers. It's not fucking rocket science. It's a goddamn square hole in the fucking ground, with stairs, and concrete walls. Want me to draw the plans for you? Here. You're welcome. 
  2. I have seen a ton of pictures and videos of all the BS that has been going on in Gaza. From both sides. I have one simple question. WHERE THE FUCK IS YOUR CIVIL FUCKING DEFENCE? I have seen people helping people. I have seen civilians in grief and in pain. I see people dead. International doctors and aid workers working their fucking hands to the fucking bone just to make sure people survive. I have seen your glorious army fire fucking missiles, hijack fucking ambulances of aid organizations and use them for transport. I have NOT seen 1 fire truck, 1 uniformed Hamas/Palestinian personnel lift his fucking little finger to help ANYBODY hurt. Seriously. What the FUCK are your fucking priorities that you don't even set up a basic fire brigade, or a police force, or even just a basic ambulance service? What, you don't think you need it, is it? 
  3. Let me try and see if I can put it into simple English for you. The role of the army, is to protect its people. Not use them as fucking human shields. You do NOT use children in your army. No, they're not for strapping bombs to and sending over the borders either. What are 12-year-olds suppose to do with 72 fucking virgins? Play catch? NO YOU DUMB FUCK! Civilian houses are not for storing your arsenal. Neither are fucking hospitals, or places of worship and if you say schools, I'll reach out and bitch-slap you. That goes double of firing rockets too. What is your logic? Seriously? If Israel fires at us, we can bitch at them to the international press, and if they don't, we can keep doing it? 
  4. If there's one thing I can compliment you on, it is that your ceasefire terms seems mostly reasonable.
    Now, that said. Your people are fucking DYING here. And you're discussing fucking terms? Here's a thought. Why don't you, yes I'm talking about you, Khaled Mashal, and you, Ismail Haniyeh, do your discussions in the middle of GODDAMN GAZA? Then with the bombs going off around you, and the bullets flying, let's talk about terms shall we? 
  5. And item the last. For the love of all that is holy. Seriously. Just quit screwing your own people over. Just to prove a point. There is right, or wrong so important that it needs to be scrawled in the blood of your own people. 
And now, Netanyahu.
  1. Do you REALLY have to be that hard-assed? You guys have the Iron Dome, and tanks and shit. The Palestinians, not Hamas, the actual people who are trying to just scrape a living together. Cut them some fucking slack will ya? You are actually feeding the damn fire that Hamas started. So, seriously. Don't. Just don't. 
  2. Don't be fucking arrogant, you asses. Half the shit I have to find, I have to do in Hebrew and then use Google translate. Don't just go, "Everybody hates us anyway" and just leave it at that. Nobody likes a smart-ass. So hire a better fucking PR person. Actually you know what, hire the fucker that runs Hamas's campaigns. 
  3. Seriously, lay off the fuckin bombing now. Militia groups cannot be laid to rest with a frontal strike. Give Palestinians something to live for, and they'll tell Hamas to fuck off the next time they try to tell their people to die.
  4. There's got to be a better way to weed out fucking terrorists. You're smart. Go fucking figure it out. If it's human shields you have to contend with, maybe the better way is to just offer any fucking person who needs a hot shower and a meal to head on over the border, get their asses into camp and then just keep them there. Depopulate Gaza, no more human shield. Tadahhhhh! If you're worried about fucking bombs, get H&M or something to open a store next to the crossing and stock up. Everybody gets free new clothes coming out, and burn their old ones. Win-win. Still cheaper than gas for an armed incursion.
  5. Air drop fucking supplies over to the damn hospitals will you? If you can drop a fucking bomb, you can drop fucking supplies. People are fucking dying here. Give them a chance to live. Send an APC for the people in the hospitals. You have more than enough to spare don't you? And anyway, the more people you evac, again, less people for Operation Human Shield. 

And finally, to all the rest of you assholes out there who are bigots and racist and think that innocent people dying means you can play the blame game, and start shit up. Get. The. Fuck. Out. There is a fucking reason why I distinguish between Arabs, Muslims, Palestine, Hamas, Gaza and the West Bank, in case you fucking missed it, let me point it out for you. THEY. ARE. DIFFERENT. You don't? There's a special fucking place for people like you. There are bright happy colours, butterflies and nice people give you candy. 

There's also a difference between Jew, and Israeli, right wing warmongers, and left wing "everything about the government is fucked up". There is also a difference between the people who say, "kill all Palestinians!" and the 90% that say, "Why can't we fucking get along?" Oh, you don't? Well guess what, they have more space in that special place. I'll get them to set up more fucking chairs for you. 

The moral of the story is, that this is not about right or wrong, This is about human beings, and life. For 99% of the fucking world, you can't even fucking tell an Arab from a Jew. And if it was up to me, I'd fucking gas the entire region with weed till everyone is high and happy, and then make everyone hug and make out. We have enough fucking problems without people claiming the moral fucking high ground and enforce it with bullets and weapons. Here's one that SHOULD take precedence above all else. 

Peace. Salaam and Shalom. I look forward to your letters. 

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ed, nicely said. cept that the amount of 'fuck' in this blog makes me lol.