Sunday, June 25, 2006

Lessons The Days Taught Me

It has been an educational weekend.

Yup, I have decided that each weekend, I gotta do something self improvement-ish. Or else I'm gonna feel that it's somewhat wasted.

This week has been a weekend of lessons.

Lesson 1 - I am ready for the Amazing Race. Really. Singapore-HK-Guangzhou-Singapore in less than 24 hours. AND still have time to get a bottle of Absolut Ruby Red.

Lesson 2 - Willpower really can kick a lot of ass. I actually managed to stay awake throughout the entire seminar last week and I didn't even have any kind of stimulant. The flip side is, that once the body's reserves are depleted, it'll take a long time to get it up again. Thank you Sasky for an emergency delivery of Redbull and coffee. I didn't drink the coffee (gives me the runs), but I did OD on Redbull when it came. Heh.

Lesson 3 - I need to work out. I know, I know. I have always said that dancing and running after buses constitute the whole of my exercise. But then apparently that's not always enough. In the good old days, I can tuck folks like her under one arm and stroll off. Now, the right arm is still twinging slightly from exertion.

Lesson 4 - Having a rather colourful past helps. For those of you who do have have my wealth of experience in getting smashed on a regular basis, AND have friends that do the same, I'll post some tips later on.

Lesson 5 - Everyone needs to go crazy at times. My mate and I went to an accessory shop and bought ourselves wigs and shades and paraded down Orchard Road. Seeing the grins on the faces of people makes us feel good to. I wonder, if that's the idea Hard Gay has. I think his afro wig is a heck of a lot more fun than my Taiwan Boy Band style one.

Lesson 6 - I found out how much integrity is worth. Something to the tune of S$2.5 million. Maybe a little more. But at least it's a start.

Lesson 7 - This is a reminder. I am now convinced that flu brings about more human suffering any disease ever in the face of the earth, and in history. The reason why it doesn't kill you, is so that it can inflict the misery upon you again and again. Bastards.

Hmm... now what am I gonna do next week? Maybe I'll organize a pre-party, WITHOUT a television screen showing soccer matches. How's that for a change? So, anyone wanna join me in NOT watching soccer?


Sexual Innuendo said...

Cannot lah, no soccer how can? Its already the exciting matches already.

About the wig part, i guess its just your own way of destressing after a few weeks of hard work. You might want to consider that as your part time job since you can make people laugh. :P

Skye said...

party! ME!!!!! *hugeass grin*

sÞ¡ηηєє said...

WC rulez! :D

take care!

Vandalin said...

SI - In my younger days, I actually took a job dressing up as PCK. Not bad, paid for 3 big bottles of booze.

Skye - I'll let you know what's gonna happen this Sat.

Spinnee - You're watching soccer as well?? Well, I guess if you're gay that's fine. I'm lesbian. Heh!

Skye said...

PCK..are you SERIOUS??

I've got a better about YOU dress ME whatever you want...*grin*

The Horny Bitch said...

The only time I drink red bull is with vodka..

Vandalin said...

HB - Vodka redbull is dangerous. Very dangerous.