Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More... More...

Need new input... Feeling my brain slowing down.

What's good to read? Quick folks! This man needs brain food. That or hot, torrid sex, and about a half a litre of whiskey.

That being said, I just added another bottle of Italian Red to my stash. Thank you Sandy, for adding to the flamability of my room. Even though civil defense won't thank you, I do, from the cockles of my booze-pickled heart.

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Birkenstocker said...

a good read.... halt the self help books for a while. U need some interesting novels for creativity n up your feel-good factor.

Try one of these ;

Last chance saloon - Marian Keyes
Rosie Dunne - Cecilia Ahern
Something Borrowed - Emily Griffin

They are engaging, trust me. N if u must do self help, try The Present by Spencer Johnson or Fish for life.

Touching biography that's very inspiring - The Heavenly Man. Brother Yun