Thursday, September 07, 2006

Wishes for A Friend

It seems that copious amounts of alcohol has a tendancy to stimulate my creativity. My wishes for a friend who celebrated her birthday at Mentos Central.

May you have joy, not just happiness.
May you love, without thought of loss or fear of pain.
May you have great sex, without unwanted consequence.
And may all your dreams be fulfilled, but one.

It's probably a little different from the original, but hey fuck. YOU try to remember after working your way through 4 trays of shooters.

And to my buddy from the Army, I'm damn happy for you.

That you picked yourself up from your last relationship, and put yourself into this new one wholeheartedly. I congratulate you for your courage, and your ability to be generous, which is so much a part of you.

Nobody knows what's gonna happen tomorrow. Make the best of today, and treasure the memories that you make. Cheers bro.

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