Saturday, September 09, 2006

Neutering the Chinese Man

Over the last decade or so, the Chinese MAN has got his balls cut off by the media, piece by painful piece.

I know, it's scary isn't it?

The realization, I reckon has always been at the back of my mind, ever since school days, but it is only recently that the thought condensed into something a little more... expressible.

In fact, the effects of this has been so subtle, that only through interaction outside of our common circle, with people from other cultures, that the lack of gonads become starkly obvious, so much so, that it is even affecting our own.

Let me give you a simple illustration of how the media's doing it. When was the LAST time, you saw a OBVIOUSLY chinese GUY get the gal in the history of movies OR television?

Chow Yun Fatt was a fucking MONK, Bruce Lee had a mask on, and is the sidekick.

Jackie Chan very nearly had some in The Tuxedo, but nope. He had absolutely NOTHING in Rush Hour, and in Shanghai Knights, he was buck nekkid in a whole room of women in stockings and corsets and nada, zilch, not even a farking hardon.

Jet Li got to kiss Aaliyah, and then the dear gal died in a plane crash.

Every SINGLE instance I see a chinese guy in any movie, or television serial, anywhere in fact, there almost ALWAYS carry a stigma of nice guy, G-rated, and so fucking sexless, it's not even funny. It's almost like the Asian male has got nothing to do the fun things in life.

We're protrayed to be the serious, honest-to-goodness, science geek aka kung fu master, that's so zen, our balls haves shriveled up and dropped off.

Oh I'm sure that somewhere at the back of everyone's heads, they're thinking. I'm sure they're having SOME form of sex. I mean, China's got a quarter of the world's population, these folks must be doing SOMETHING right, right? But heaven forbid if physical touch is used for purposes outside of procreation.

By and by, you realize that this has slowly translated to real life. If you're a chinese guy, go to a club, and try talking to any person that is NOT a chinese, and you will realize that one of the first stigmas that anyone will have to get through is that consciously or unconsciously, the person you're having a conversation with will actually THINK he (or she) will immediately switch to conservative mode.

This, of course, can work for us, Asian males or against us. Of course. I like stigma, and I love prejudice. Cos the stronger the stigma, the stronger the prejudice, the easier it is to break, and the more melodious the sounds of preconcieved notion shattering under the sledgehammer of my reality.

There will, of course, be prudes who will stick to their ways. But like I told a friend of mine, Their loss, cos this Asian MAN is gonna have a LOT of fun, and TONS of great sex, regardless of race, language, OR religion.

*out-tro U2's With or Without you*

Peace out.


The Horny Bitch said...

Guys are the same regardless of race, language or religion. HORNY.

littleone said...

It's funny you pointed that out when just last night, i was out with Master at a club and He pointed out the Indians who, in His words, "always have fun everywhere".

Do they count as Asian, or are you just referring to Chinese males in your entry?

i do think it's a culture thing. Our society is just like that, since when have you heard any of the Confucian sayings sprouting, "go forth and procreate"?


Vandalin said...

HB - Aren't we all, my dear, aren't we all? I'm currently doing my best to re-educate any hot foreigner women I meet on the follies of their ways. It's an enormous task, but somebody has to do it.

Littleone - Most of them do tend to be more... unfettered. Confuse-cious probably didn't have a lot of sex. I, on the other hand, say, "Go forth and fuck. Go easy on the procreation."