Monday, November 06, 2006

I Hate Settling Down

Do you have any idea how many times I heard the phrase settling down over the last month or so? Heck if I had a dollar for every time I hear that, I think that will actually be a viable source of alternative income.

As I approach the big Three-O, various people at various times have asked me to "settle down". Frankly, I think settling down SUCKS.

Rocks and sedimentary deposit settle down. Sea anemone settle down. But if you are not a shell fish, or a mineral, why should you settle down?

Now, here's what I don't think is "settling down". Doing something you love for money is not settling down. Falling in love, marrying that person and making a commitment to spend the rest of your life together is not settling down.

But that's often not the case. Nope, people work cos they need the money, not cos it is something that they love. They're not happy, they're not utterly depressed, they're... OK.

Kinda like when you have a mosquito in the room at night, and instead of waking up, switching on the lights and killing it once and for all, you have it buzzing around you the WHOLE FRIGGING NIGHT and you wake up every day, grumpy and sleepy and bitching about it the rest of the day.

Likewise with love. Marry the person that's alright, that you've been dating for a while. Pressure from the parents, and from society that tells you that you have to get married. Mom wants to hear the patter of little feet, and all that jazz. So you buckle, you settle down with the most convenient person you can live with at that time.

And you wonder why it is that there's so many divorce/adultery cases.

Settling down, to me, is simply death by mediocrasy. But, to each their own. There will be some who are happy just to be content. There will be others who will leave the mosquito alive in the room and grumble about it.

Me? I hate mosquitoes. Period.

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101wish said...

Haha, i often heard my frds asking abt settling down too. Same => Period :P