Thursday, November 02, 2006

When the Imps Come Out to Play - The Aftermath

And the inevitable happened. Courtesy of One Latin American called Mr. Bacardi.

Proving that I can sleep any time, anywhere. Kwong, being an insomniac is suffering from Sour grapes.

I was resting my eyes... REALLY!

Kwong, the kind man that he is, making sure I have mineral water so as not to wake up with a hangover. The fact that the brand is called Tiger, shows the minerals inside are really good for you.

And that, dear folks, is a wrap. Till next year! Adios Muchachoes!


Birkenstocker said...

I used to love halloween, heading down to zouk to see all the displays, those the door bitch refused to give free entry to (they try to pass of by slathering some fake blood on their face).

I always fantasize abt dressing up as the adams family with another few of my friends, me being Wednesday of course. But we nvr really got abt doing that somehow. pity...maybe

Vandalin said...

Wellll...sounds like maybe next year, you should hang out with me, wednesday ;)