Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The God Complex

First things first. Thanks Bev, for introducing me to this concept. Ever since that fateful day in my office, over MSN, I have been using the term incessantly.

First up, What IS the God Complex?

The sum of all human knowledge, Wikipedia, puts it thus,

"A god complex is a colloquial term used to portray a perceived character flaw as if it were a 'psychological complex'. The person who is said to have a 'god complex' can act so arrogantly that he might as well believe he is a god or appointed to act by a god. It is also often called the Messianic complex."

Being practical, I just diagnose the the symptoms: -

a. An overwhelming desire to shoulder all one perceives to be wrong with the world, and thus thinking that it is that person's own responsibility.

b. Thinking that one has the ability to take all that responsibility upon himself (it's the non gender-specific him I'm using. You're not off the hook, ladies.)

c. Feeling damn guilty when the perceived responsibility is not fulfilled.

Sounds familiar?

In the course of 4 years of work, I have come to the conclusion that you can only do something for the someone, IF the other person wants it.

In my books, three time's the charm. I offer once, twice, thrice, if there's no response? I let it be.

Oh, that's not to say I cut myself off. The help's available, but now it's passive. You need, you come to me. If not, well you're on your own.

Do I feel guilty? No. I might feel sorry for you if it was something that can be salvaged with the information I had, but I sure as hell ain't gonna stick my nose where it's not wanted, or cram my help down somebody's throat.

On the flip side, I still have remnants of ego in me. It's still hard for me to open my mouth and ask for help, but I have learnt through MUCH pain, that pride is a fucking expensive commodity to have, and ultimately worthless.

Buying dinners and teh tariks are much, MUCH cheaper. And strangely, in getting my ass kicked and learning, self-awareness and clarity really are kinda liberating.

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