Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Proving a Point

Alright. This whole fitness craze has gone out the window.

When my friend tells me that she's taking pills just so she can be trim again by July, I decided that something's gotta be done.

Now I have always been an advocate of NOT going to the gym, and that the gym serves no purpose. So now I'm just gonna have to put my money where my mouth is.

For those of ya who have been hanging out with me, know that months of slacking off has ensured that some of my wardrobe's way too tight, and the sword is now a broadsword. So I am going to put this down.

1st July. 6 packs.

Sans Gym
Sans Crazy Ass Diet
Sans Fucked-up, Ridiculous body builder regimes.
Sans Expensive, Kill-me-to-look-good pills.

Oh, under 30 minutes of exercise in total, a day.

Place your bets right now. And make the counter-offer very attractive.

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