Thursday, December 06, 2007

Oh What A Night!

Thanks Andy for inviting me for the Slingers game on Sunday.

Now I haven't been to a basketball game since National schools in JC, and those of you who have seen me playing with balls that aren't my own know that I am hopeless at anything related to spheres of any sort.

In bowling, it's a miracle if it goes past to the realm of 3 digits. In pool, I make everyone else look good. Soccer, I get my face whacked by the ball so many times, I actually make a decent goal keeper. The last I stopped cos it was getting too expensive replacing spectacles.

But, what. an. experience.

First up, the corporate box. Fwah. Talk about getting up close and personal to the action.

And the fringe benefits, free beer. Nuff said.

Game's pretty exciting. You know, I think now, that everyone should go to a Slingers game, if you haven't been to one. There is something immensely satisfying about shouting and getting involved in a basketball game.

Maybe it's the air-crobatics that you see on NBA but you know you can never do.

Maybe it's the excitement and anticipation that comes with every pass, every rebound, every shot that when you blink you might miss a one-in-a-lifetime moment.

Maybe it's the cheerleaders. (It might be sacrilegous to say it but as much as I enjoyed thegame, I looked forward to the time-outs as well.)

Next time round, we're gonna educate the ang mohs about our Singaporean version of cheers, shouts and jeers. Starting with the infamous "REFEREE KAYU".

Can't wait.

Pictures, refer to these trigger-happy folks:
Andy (of course)

Finally a big Thank YOU to Nic who got us the tix. Brilliant game, wish you were here.


Precious said...

I thought it was the excellent beer pouring service you had that kept you excited.

Vandalin said...

You know, it is the delicious icing on an already yummy cake.

The Horny Bitch said...

uncle... haha. hpw's ur leg and phone ah?

Anonymous said...

great post and glad you enjoyed the game :) Yes... I. MISSED. IT. darn.