Monday, December 17, 2007

The Higher We Climb

I am afraid of heights.

There, I said it. Put me by the side of a building, and I get sweaty palms, my legs start to tremble and I have an overwhelming urge to run away from the vertigo. The same with toe socks and Teletubbies.

And that's the reason why I think I'm gonna go take up skydiving.

I am also terrified of climbing high in life, and then getting arrogant, getting snotty and walk around with a swagger that says that my balls are too big for my pants and my head so large that the DHL can use me for a balloon. Actually come to think of it, I'm not afraid of climbing, I am afraid of becoming arrogant.

So this is a thank you to all those people that keep my head firmly between my shoulders.

My mates that remind me that no matter how high I go, I still look shite in a pink dress.

My family who, in spite of everything that has happened to me so far, still think far better of me than I deserve. I will never be able to pay my dad back for raising me, my mom for making sure I will always have dinner if I want it, and my brother for volunteering to kick the ass of anyone who he hears slandering his big brother.

The people I meet no matter how briefly. I thank you because you teach me something, and that no matter how high I climb, there's always something more for me to learn, and therefore S² (Sit the f*** down and Shut the F*** up) and take notes.

"The higher you climb, the more humble you must be."

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