Friday, January 25, 2008

I Was Ear Raped!

In the words of my colleagues, my phone number is slutted out to the whole of Singapore, primarily cos I'm the point man for most of the businesses that we have.

But this one, this one. I went behind the wheel of my car and set a new world record for longest continuous stream of expletives in 4 languages.

"Hi, this is Edmund."

"Hi, do you have any cars for rent?"

"Sure, when do you need it?"

"Maybe today?"

"Hmm... there are a couple of cars that I have. What's your price range?"

"Well... don't matter as long as I'm comfortable... how old are you? You sound really young..."


"I like young men..."

"Err ok..."

"I wanna make friend with you... Would you like that?"

He then carried on a little on what he likes about young men.

"Sorry, I don't quite swing that way. Thanks for asking anyway. BYE."

Let it not be said that my customer service is lacking in any manner. There are many things I'm willing to take for my team. Giving up my ass virginity is not one of them.


k said...

muahahha that's so funny!! omg

Vandalin said...

k - welcome to another bout of creative cussing.