Tuesday, September 29, 2009

F1 Kicks a lot of Ass

I've never been a fan of Formula One. I think there's way too much hype about cars that sound like overgrown mosquitoes, and I personally don't see a point of going 61 laps around the same damn place. I mean seriously, don't you get bored?

So this year, nadnut tries to change my impression by inviting me to the Johnnie Walker Jet Black party. I tell you, folks. I was told to wear formal for the event. I did, and I was bloody overdressed, but it's worth it.

What makes a great party?

Copious amounts of alcohol, good food and even better company.

Great company... Hello Herbert, my new best friend in excessive drinking!

Nadnut tells me that she just realized how provocative she looked in her black top that night, and asked me why we didn't tell her she was so visually stimulating that evening. We were busy ogling, of course!

But seriously the party was wayyy cool.

Specialty cocktails...

World Class Bartenders making even more kickass martinis...

DJ Andrew T from Butter Spinning...

Mus came later to the party, and we had an AMAZING time.

At the end of it all, I had a POWER NAP and then headed back. Very buzzed and very Very VERY happy.

Thank you nadnut, Mus, DK, Herbert, and Isaac for making it such an amazing evening. Thank you Johnnie Walker for making it possible.

Oh about the F1? I still think they sound like overgrown mozzies. But they rock cos they give everyone else reason to organize kick ass parties. See ya Next year!


rinaz said...

OMG boobies!


Vandalin said...


JayWalk said...

Overdressed? You were in jeans!!

Vandalin said...

Jay: got jacket mah.