Monday, September 14, 2009

The Role of Friends

What, in the end, defines a friend?

One that'll tell you the truth, even when he knows it is not pleasant.

One who advises with your interest at heart, even though sometimes the advice is neither sought for nor listened to.

One who shares the moments in your life, no matter how trivial it seems to the other people.

One who tries every single way and means to keep you from the edge of the cliff, even if it means being irritating, getting into an argument or risking the friendship you hold dear.

And if you jump, and you crash, one who is still there to pick up the pieces.

Come to think of it, what defines friends, are not the good times, but the bad.


Hillary said...

That reminds me of the Holy Spirit.

airworm said...

So am I a friend?

joannaseow said...

niceoneee :)
but then again, true friends are hard to come by mann!!

Vandalin said...

Hillary: *What a friend we have in Jesus..."

airworm - need you ask, brudder?

joannaseow - true dat.

Oceanic said...

U will who's ur fren when u r one urself :)