Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Quiet Before The Storm

I am reminded today how much I love the time before a really big storm hits.

The electric potential in the air and the sense of stillness the slight coolness of the gently swirling wind promising so much, and yet now, just barely rustling the leaves.

I am strangely calm, and everything is in sharp contrast in the muggy air. The world is held in balance, between states. There is a silence that underlies all the sounds I hear, almost like a soundless note that is the counterpoint in the world's melody.

The note that calls to the storm like a void waiting to be filled.



Christian said...

dear jenny,
was reading through yr old blog pages .. i had forgotten how close we used to be.. are u ok?

Vandalin said...

I'm fine and thanks for asking, small children. :)