Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dream Car

What's your dream car?

Me, it's not any of those fancy sports cars that go too fast, and won't go pass Gear II in Singapore.

Call it the effects of an all-too-practical mind. Call it the residue effects of the cartoon "Mask". Call it too-long-inna-country-with-a-90kmh-speed-limit syndrome.

Call it a guilt trip from crashing my dad's Honda City.

But my dream car, would be a souped-up Honda Civic.

You heard it right.

Something non-flashy, non-ostentatious on the outside, with the potential for AMAZING performance. Moderately zhng the engine, change the wheels, just to make sure I can go up that damn slip road from Rocher to ECP without overly straining the engine.

The rest, will go into aesthetics. The front doors are on hydraulics and SLIDE forward instead of just opening sideways. Oh, no butterfly doors. They're silly. The rear doors slide back, almost like a van's back door, but wayyy cooler.

And I don't care if it's possible, but I WILL make the roof a hard-top convertible. You heard me. Cut up the entire roof and make it retract into the boot like that new Peugeot convertible. A little body kit, and then maybe, just MAYBE let one of those chaps from MTV Pimp Your Ride have a go at the painting.


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